6 Social Media Habits to Start in 2020

Don’t let social media haunt you this year.  Instead, build the right habits to help you approach and conquer social media effectively.  In this week’s post, I share with you 6 social media habits to start in 2020 to help you with this.


Let’s Dive In!


Habit #1 Consistency

Consistency is a key ingredient for social media success.  Not only to the algorithms like consistency but so do audiences!  If your audience knows they can expect content from you at a certain time each week, they will begin to look for it.  This type of expectation is great for your business and your overall brand because it builds trust with your audience.  Audiences and customers love the consistency solid businesses provide.

Set a posting schedule for your business.  It’s not necessary to post each day, but it is important to have a schedule for your content.  My recommendation is to post a minimum of 3 times per week. It gives an even disbursement of content throughout the week.  It’s enough content so that it doesn’t feel like you have gone radio silent. 

Habit #2 Be Intentional

Avoid posting for the sake of posting content.  Instead, be intentional about both the type of content you are posting and why you are putting information out there.  Some questions you may want to ask yourself before you post content:

  • What is the purpose of my post?
  • Why would my audience care about the content I am sharing?
  • Does my post solve a problem/offer a solution?
  • Does the content of the post align with:
    • My brand?
    • Current theme?
    • Company Goals?
  • Is my post too sales-y

Habit #3 Stop Being Sales-y

Gone are the days where it’s ok to expect sales each time you post on social media.  Instead, audiences want more. They are looking for accounts that can solve problems, entertain, highlight transformations, teach them how to do something, or motivate them to be a better person.  If you struggle with pivoting from a sales-focused message, here are some ways you can post on social media that highlights your brand, products, or services without including a sales message: 

  • Show audiences how to use your product or service without asking them to buy
  • Answer FAQs
  • Share Best practices – this positions you as an authority in your field or niche
  • Provide tips

Habit #4 Be Concise and Offer Value

Have you ever come across a post on social media that just seems to be a HUGE wall of words?  When I see those types of posts, I initially get a pit in my stomach and I start to sweat thinking about the time commitment it will take me to read what’s there resulting in me scrolling past.  


Instead, get your message across by:

  • Writing in bullet points and short sentences allowing the reader to scan for important info
  • Use high-quality graphics to help you convey your message
  • Breaking longer posts up into multiple “series” type posts

Habit #5 Plans and Themes

Content creation goes by more quickly when you have themes, content ideas, and plans in place!  


Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Create a social media theme for each month of the year
  • Breakdown each month by week
  • Brainstorm a list of content ideas for each week of the month

Habit #6 Build Relationships

Engagement will be a HUGE push during 2020.  Accounts that take the time to build relationships, communicate, and have an active comment section will win social media!  Here are some things to help you start off on the right foot:

  • Respond to all the comments that end up on your account
  • Participate in the comment section of other accounts
  • Search out new accounts to follow and connect with
  • Start non-sales-y conversations in the DMs (direct message)
  • Consider making new collaboration partners

Social media can be a very effective marketing tool when approached correctly.  Take the time to learn how you can be more effective with your posts. Get started learning more by checking out the other articles on my website by clicking HERE.

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