Your Top 5 Social Media Questions Answered!

People have LOTS of questions when it comes to social media.  In this post, I round those questions up and give you straight answers.  Get ready to take some notes because your top 5 social media questions are being answered starting right now!


What platforms should I be active on?

This question is a common one!  I get it. You want the most exposure possible.  Your first gut reaction is that you need to be on as many as possible – especially the most popular ones.  My answer is quite different. You want to be on the platforms where your ideal customer hangs out.

Do your research and discover where your audience likes to connect.  Really dive into the social platforms and learn how each of them operates and who they attract.  Then determine the platform you want to use for your business.


As a general rule of thumb…

If your audience is millennials (1977 to 1995) or even Gen Z (1996 to present), you and your brand should be hanging out on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter.  


If you are looking to connect with Gen X (1965 to 1976) and older…focus on Facebook and LinkedIn.  

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How do I get quality followers quickly?

This question is such a good one!  There is so much to share. Before I answer the question, I want to give you some food for thought.  People always go for numbers. They think that the more followers they have, the more business they will get.  That mindset will cause people to make bad decisions, like buying followers. Instead, your focus should be on quality followers.  Those who truly interact and engage with your account. The quality follower is the person who is most likely to purchase from you rather than a purchased follower who could care less about the product or service you have to provide.


Now that we got that out of the way…


Let’s answer the original question.  How do you get more quality followers?  If I had to use one word, it would be networking.  Why? Because, there is one common thread that links all social media networks together, the words “social” and “network.”  When it comes down to it, social media is a huge network of people and resources. It is up to us to “work” the network. Here’s what I mean.  We need to put ourselves out there and really get to know the people behind the accounts we follow and interact with. The more we get to know the people, the more our network grows.  The more your online network grows, the more business you will do because people will begin to recommend and refer you, your products, and your services. For me, I have been able to grow my account just by doing these things:

  • Following new people,
  • Interacting with the posts of the people I follow (leaving quality comments),
  • Meeting people in the comment section of other people’s posts (aka being part of the account’s community)
  • Joining groups (this works well on Facebook),
  • Being a part of direct message chat groups on Instagram
  • Consistently posting value on my own accounts instead of selling
  • Showing up in video
  • Doing collaborations with other accounts
  • Using all the features available to me on the social networks I use (this gets you in front of new eyeballs)


Yes, you can grow your accounts quickly BUT, it takes both work and time.  It’s not going to happen overnight but it will take place over time.

Is organic reach on social media dead?

The short answer is no.  The long answer is, it takes time, effort and understanding what is important to the social media algorithms.  If you understand what is important, you can leverage that and make it work for you.


If you are like me, I like simple.  If there is one thing I could highlight for you and tell you to pay close attention to is your accounts engagement rate.  


All of the social media algorithms use engagement rate as a major form of measurement.  Engagement is usually measured as actions people take on posts. These actions can come in the form of a like, share, follow, comment, etc., or all of the above.


The more engagement a post or an account receives – the more likely the social media app will expose it to more people.  Why? Engagement sends a signal to the algorithm stating that the post is important. The more people who respond and interact with the post, the better the post will perform in the news feeds.

What should I post?

In my opinion, anything we decide to put out on social media must provide value otherwise we will lose our followers.  My advice is to always craft posts that check one of the following boxes:

  • Entertaining, Fun, or Funny
  • Inspirational
  • Transformational – how will the audience change because of the post
  • Rewards (coupon codes, contests, a special deal, etc.)
  • Educational

What should I be ready for next?

VIDEO!  This is huge and it is becoming more and more important by the day.  Every social media platform is encouraging video. Video can come in 3 formats:

  • Short-form/ephemeral video (stories/SnapChat).  Most ephemeral video is made up of 10-15 seconds long clips.  I think this will be the most popular form of video because it is easy to produce and easy to consume.  We like the “easy button” and have short attention spans making this type of video extremely popular.
  • Live Video
  • Pre-recorded video (think YouTube)


Start practicing, learning how to do video and feeling comfortable in front of the camera now.  Video will probably take over or hold precedence (if it hasn’t already) when it comes to social media.


Pro-Tip:  Learning how to include captions with your video is important because a lot of people watch video with the sound off.


What questions do you have about social media that weren’t answered in this post?  Put them in the comment section provided and I will do my best to answer them for you!


2 thoughts on “Your Top 5 Social Media Questions Answered!”

  1. I have a problem with people not sharing my posts or even commenting. I’ve tried asking questions too. Sometimes 30 people have seen my post and not one has commented. Frustrating.

    1. Lora Shipman

      It can be frustrating! Don’t give up! I will post an article soon about how you can improve comments on your posts. Stay tuned!!!

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