Your 5-Point Facebook Business Page Audit and Checklist

Lora Shipman Your 5-Point Facebook Business Page Audit and ChecklistIf you’re like me, I always want to make sure my Facebook business page is running on all cylinders.  Sometimes, I miss a cylinder or two because Facebook silently made some changes in the background. Has that ever happened to you?  This post is going to help you make sure your Facebook business page is running on all cylinders! My 5-point Facebook business page audit and checklist will cover the most important aspects of your business page to ensure it’s up to date, delivering the best value, and looking great!



Let’s Dive In!

Your 5-Point Facebook Business Page Audit and Checklist

Facebook Header:

Whenever I conduct Facebook audits, this is the first thing I look at.  Why? Because it is the LARGEST amount of real estate on your Facebook business page!  Make sure it is doing its job! Consider adding these features to your Facebook header/banner image:

  • Properly sized graphic:  851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall
  • Make sure your graphic has a call to action (CTA)
    • Invite them to sign up for something
    • Join a webinar
    • Come to an event
    • Download some content
  • Did you know your Facebook header is clickable?  It is! Click on your header and it gives you the option to add a description.  Make that description work for you! Add a link to your website, a download, your latest blog post, etc.
  • Put all pertinent information like phone number, email, website in the center of your graphic.  That way, mobile users won’t miss out on your message


Call To Action Button

Every Facebook business page has a call to action button available for use.  Depending on the template you are using will determine the buttons available to you.  To see the options available, hover over the button and select the “edit” option. This will open a new window with button options available to you.  Select the button that best supports your current goals for being on Facebook. Some popular options are Call Now, Send Message, Visit Group. At the time of this post, my goal is to grow my Facebook Group, so, I have selected the “visit group” option.  


Left Panel Tab Order

Many people don’t realize that you can reorder the tabs that appear on the left panel of your Facebook page.  The left panel impacts the user experience when they visit your Facebook business page. The order of that panel will determine what information your Facebook visitor sees first.  For some businesses, it is really important for their reviews to be seen first. For me, my goal is to grow my Facebook group. To help you meet your Facebook goal, you can rearrange the tabs in the left panel.  Here’s how to reorder the tabs in the left panel:

  • Click the “settings” button in the upper right corner of your Facebook page
  • Select “edit page” on the left side of the window that opens up
  • Scroll down until you see your list of tabs
  • Click and drag your tabs into the order that best works for your goals and your visitor’s experience
  • In this section, you can remove tabs that don’t make sense for your business and add new ones


The About Tab

This is one of the most neglected tabs on Facebook, and it shouldn’t be!  Did you know that search engines scan your Facebook page? Yep! It’s true!  Your Facebook page is search engine friendly which is why it must be completely optimized.  Here’s how to optimize your About Tab:

  • Click on the About Tab
  • Take the time to fill out all of the sections in this area, offering the most information possible
  • Not only will this help you in search engine queries, but it will also help your target audience get to know you better


Response Assistant

This is a helpful feature that gets missed a lot!  The response assistant is a bot that can help direct your visitors to the info they need when you aren’t available, or it can also help to start a conversation with your audience.  Here’s how to access the Response Assistant and customize it to fit your needs:

  • Click on the settings section in the upper right-hand corner of your page
  • Click on “Messaging” in the left panel of the new window that opens
  • Follow instructions and customize the options given as needed


Final Thoughts & FREE Download

Those are just a few of my favorite Facebook audit checks to help you look like the rockstar you are!  There are many things you can do to your Facebook page to optimize it for the best user experience possible.  To do this, schedule some time with yourself to go through the “Settings” section of your business page. Click through every tab, making adjustments as needed.  Download my Facebook 5 Point Audit Checklist to help you keep your Facebook page up to date!  Download it HERE

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