You Know It’s Time To Hire A Social Media Manager When…

Lora Shipman You Know It's Time To Hire A Social Media Manager When...Do you ever grapple with when you should take the plunge and finally hire a social media manager?  You have probably come to the realization that you will need to hire someone to help you with social media, but the question is…when?  You will know it’s time to hire a social media manager when you start seeing these telltale signs more often than not.


Let’s Dive In!


Sign #1:  You are finding it harder and harder to stay consistent on social media

This happens when you are working in your genius zone…doing what’s necessary for your customers and clients allowing your business to grow and thrive.  When you try to wear all the hats and spread yourself too thin, you tend to become inconsistent or ineffective in areas that are important but not necessarily your genius zone.


Sign #2:  Coming up with content is becoming harder and harder

This is another sign you are spreading yourself too thin or that you are too close to the business to effectively create content on social media.  A fresh eye, or someone from the outside of your business looking in can see opportunities for valuable content.


Sign #3:  You’ve got too much to do and haven’t been able to keep up with the newest trends

Staying on top of trends in social media is a big job!  Things change all the time. There are always new tools, strategies, and tactics coming out.  A good social media manager always has their fingers on the pulse of the social media industry, knowing what to do next to keep accounts fresh and performing.


Sign #4:  You aren’t able to respond to all the comments heading your way

The biggest part of social media is the “social” part.  To get the most out of your social media accounts, you should be connecting with other accounts and having conversations in the comment section and in direct messages (DMs).  This is the fastest way for your social media account(s) to become stagnant and ineffective when this portion of your social media efforts are not in place.


Sign #5:  You no longer understand how the platform and/or algorithms are working.

Social media is always evolving.  If you were to compare Facebook to what it was just 5 years ago to what it is today, you would be shocked at its evolution.  The changes to social platforms take place quickly and they are becoming more tech-y. As social media evolves, so do the algorithms.  What used to work on social media even just 3-6 months ago, isn’t working today. The algorithms and the “rules” change almost daily and if you don’t have a handle on it, its guaranteed your social media wheels will be spinning.


Sign #6:  You just thought to yourself “what’s an algorithm?”


Sign #7:  Your account really isn’t growing and it’s lacking in engagement

As mentioned in sign number 4, without the social aspect of social media in place, your account will come to a standstill.  When done properly, engagement can really propel your account to the next level. It takes some time, effort, and patience to do it correctly.  Some of the things you need to be prepared to do are:

  • Meaningful comments (more than just an emoji or one word comment – actual, thoughtful sentences are imperative)
  • Sharing other people’s content
  • Saving posts to refer back to
  • Having conversations through direct messages


Sign #8:  You’re not reaching goals or you aren’t sure what types of goals you should have in place for your social media accounts.

A good social media manager can work with you to identify goals and metrics that are important to the growth and success of your business.


Sign #9:  You and your business aren’t dominating in at least one social media platform. 

A good social media manager will help you determine which is the best social media platform for you to be present on.  Once the social media platform is decided, your social media manager will work to help you become relevant in your niche.


Sign #10:  You’re not really sure what the social media analytics are telling you.

The analytics available to us through social media are amazing.  They can be really detailed which can be both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because they analytics can tell you so much about who is following you, which content is performing, which is not, identifying trends, etc.  The analytics can be a curse because they can be overwhelming, confusing or they can trap you in the detail – causing analysis paralysis.


Lora Shipman You Know It's Time To Hire A Social Media Manager When...If you can relate to any or all of the 10 signs above, it’s time for you to look into hiring a social media manager.  You can start with baby steps. Look for a social media managers who offer packages allowing you to get your feet wet and then grow into more advanced programs.

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