Yes, You NEED A Blog! Key Benefits of Having a Blog in 2018

Everyone talks about having one and you know you should start one, but do you really know why you should have a blog?  Keep reading because I am going to share with you the key benefits of having a blog in 2018!

Expert Positioning

If there was ever an opportunity to position yourself as an expert or industry thought leader, your blog is the perfect vehicle to do it for you.  Your opinion, the knowledge, and insight you have is invaluable. Use it to your advantage through a blog by providing value-rich content.

3 Words – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines L O V E content.  When you blog about your product, services, and industry with value at the epicenter, you organically/naturally use keyword rich content.  Search engines feed on keyword content that isn’t contrived. The more consistent you are with relevant content, the better your ranks will be in the search engines.

Social Media

Social media is driven by content.  Once you have a blog in place, you can slice and dice the blog into lots of bite-sized, snackable pieces.  These little pieces are perfect for the social media world.

Your Blog Can Be Turned Into A Book!

Does writing a book show up on your bucket list?  Or, have you heard about what a great marketing tool it can be to have authored a book?  If you thought it was impossible to write a book, you won’t think that way anymore! A blog is a great way to begin to organize your first book and many more to follow.  Curious how this can be? Listen to this podcast episode where I speak with writer, editor, and storyteller Deborah Kevin all about turning blogs into books. Listen to it HERE.

Bottom line, a blog is a huge marketing tool allowing you to build trust and credibility with your audience.  

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    1. Hi!

      I really LOVE WordPress! There are a couple of reasons why: If you are just starting out, they have a free version which is ideal when you are just getting your feet wet, it has the look and feel of a website, the themes and templates are professional looking, and most web designers can jump in at any point to help you take your blog to the next level when you are ready! It’s versatile, easy to use, and there are lots of plugins and programs that interface nicely with WordPress.

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