Unpacking GrooveFunnels

I can’t even believe I am going to tell you this story.  It’s completely out of character for me…but, here it goes.  I did it!  I took the plunge.  I dove in head first without looking back or wondering if I should second guess myself AND second guessing myself if something I do more often than I would like to.  But this time was different.  in my heart and my gut, I knew this was the right decision for both me and my business!  I knew that in order for me to play BIG I needed the right tools that would help me.  One of those tools I know I needed was a digital marketing funnel system.  Funnels hold the key to selling digital products and programs on a larger scale.  When the opportunity to purchase GrooveFunnels came along, I knew I had to make the commitment.  In this post, I will be unpacking GrooveFunnels so you can determine if this new funnel system that recently hit the market is for you and your business.

The best way for me to approach the unpacking of GrooveFunnels is to answer the same questions I had about the program.  Skim this post and review the various questions you have about GrooveFunnels and funnels in general.


What is GrooveFunnels?

What isn’t GrooveFunnels LOL!  At first glance you may think it is a funnel system to help you with your customer’s journey.  But it is SO MUCH MORE than that.  It is the answer to so many of my online business struggles.  If you have an online business or even a business that sells occasional products online, this is a system you need to consider because it streamlines so many functions of your business in ONE PLACE!  I can’t tell you how many apps and websites I use to run my business.  GrooveFunnels changes all of that!  In the next section, you will see how GrooveFunnels replaces so many of the programs that you toggle to on the daily to run your business.


What Can You Do With GrooveFunnels?

This is what really captured my attention about the program.

  • Email Management
  • Shopping Cart (think Shopify)
  • Membership (think Kajabi)
  • eCommerce and Payment Processing & Delivery (think SamCart)
  • Calendar Automation (think Calendly – coming soon)
  • Webinars (think GoToWebinar)
  • Webinar streaming (think StreamYard)
  • Customer support automation (think Zendesk)
  • Survey (think Response Suite)
  • Video hosting (think Vimeo)
  • Full product funnels
  • Brand websites with full navigation
  • Custom domain names
  • 1-click upsell capabilities
  • Upsells, downsells and order bumps
  • The world’s most powerful affiliate program 
  • Affiliate marketplace


Ahhhhh!  I get SO excited AND geek out about all the things I can FINALLY do with my business that I haven’t been able to do in the past because of the expense and all the moving parts involved!


Is GrooveFunnels Expensive?

This is the BEST part!  You can start for FREE or you can do what I did and purchase the Platinum level – a one-time purchase with NO monthly membership fee.  The price for this software is going up so check this LINK for accurate pricing.  If you want to test it out or maybe your business is just starting, you can join for FREE and upgrade as you need to.  The best part about the FREE version is that it does NOT require a credit card!!!


What is Included In The FREE Version?

  • GrooveSell™ (sell your products)
  • GrooveAffiliate™(earn $$$)
  • GroovePages™ LITE (landing pages)

Explore in detail each of the above HERE.  You will also find videos to help you understand what you will be able to do with the FREE version of GrooveFunnels.


Why Did You Purchase GrooveFunnels?

It was a no-brainer for me.  As I listed above, ALL of the apps I use to run my online business are in one place.  PLUS, GrooveFunnels allows me to cancel all of the cash-draining memberships and renewals I needed in the past.  PLUS, there are more features coming soon.


Do You LOVE Affiliate Marketing?

GrooveFunnels may be the option for you!  It has a pretty robust affiliate marketing program you can check out by clicking HERE.  You can also take advantage of the affiliate marketing marketplace where you can find products to sell for other companies while earning affiliate commissions.


How Can I Learn More About GrooveFunnels?

Follow this link:  https://groovepages.groovesell.com/a/zdB94A9CkBxN to learn all about it.  If it seems like a big commitment or you’re not sure you will use all of the features, sign up for the free version.  Keep your credit card in your wallet, you won’t need it to sign up for the free version.


Affiliate disclosure:  Some of the links contained in this post may direct you to affiliate offers.  Thank you for your support.

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