Top 7 Tools Needed For Creating and Organizing Content

Whether you need content for a blog or social media posts, this post is for you!  Today, I share the top 7 tools needed for creating and organizing content for your social channels.  Everything you need from coming up with ideas to keeping it all organized is listed below!


Let’s dive in!



Before I even get into where I go for inspiration and research, you really need an easy place to record ideas and keep them organized.  I have used several types of tools to do this like notebooks, spreadsheets, Google docs, and the “notes” app on my phone. They have all worked to some extent, but I have finally found one that I love.  Trello!

Here’s how I use it:

  • I have created several content boards on Trello:
    • Blog Ideas
    • Social Media Content Ideas
    • Podcast Episode Ideas
    • YouTube video Ideas
    • Facebook/Instagram Live Show Ideas
  • Once a week a brain dump ideas into each of the boards listed above with some notes or an outline of what the final content product should look like
  • Once I have used the idea, I update the item, include links, release dates, etc. and then move it to a “Completed/Published” list

Currently, this system is working really well for me.  I love the mobile app that Trello provides because I always have my lists with me no matter where I go.  If an idea pops into my head, I can easily and quickly add it to my Trello board. Before I started using this system, I would constantly be texting and emailing myself reminders of content ideas.  It got very messy really quickly!

Go Deep

When writing posts, captions, and content, I used to believe I had to tell the WHOLE story.  But now, I believe people respond to and want information on narrow topics rather than broad topics.  They just want their questions answered in one particular area rather than an entire subject. This makes content creation easier and you tend not to run out of information.  For example, if I were to write a blog post about Instagram, I would choose just one aspect of Instagram instead of writing about the entire app. Some examples of what this would look like is “how to tag effectively” or “Instagram stories best practices.”  Breaking my expertise list down into smaller, easy to digest components allows me to give my audience what they want in a format that is not so overwhelming.

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The word research can sound like a daunting, arduous task that could possibly hours and hours to complete.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to! Below is a list of my go-to tools when it comes to research:

  • Pinterest – this is a favorite (and fun) tool I use A LOT!  I love it because I am able to easily search for inspiration by typing a few keywords into the Pinterest search bar.  This allows me to explore pins related to a broad subject – inspiring content ideas. PLUS, Pinterest will give me suggestions of what people are searching that relate to the broader keywords I typed into the search bar.  For example, let’s say I typed in the word “social media” into the Pinterest search bar. Just below the search bar some “additional” keywords pop up, suggesting that others are looking for content related to these additional keywords.  This gives me great insight into what my audience avatar may be searching.
  • Instagram Hashtags – these are a great tool to use to get clarity on a certain topic and to get insight on the questions people may have about a certain topic.  
  • Watch What’s Trending – recently, through a podcast interview [link] I learned about a tool called Keywords Everywhere.  It’s a Google Chrome extension that analyzes the keywords people are actively searching on Google.  Learn more about it by listening to this podcast episode [link].
  • Poll The Audience – today’s social media platforms allow you to really get to know your audience.  Through things like direct messages, stories, polling options, you have the opportunity to ask your audience what type of content they would like to see.  Use this to your advantage and create highly desired content as a result.
  • FAQs – we all get them!  Use them! FAQs are questions just waiting to be expanded into a blog or a social media caption/post.  Take the time to dive deep into the questions your audience already has!

300x250 Got an Idea?

Do you have content tools you use that weren’t mentioned in this post?  Share them with us! Drop them into the comment section. We would love to learn about them!

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