The Top 3 Instagram Analytics You Should Look At Every Day!

Instagram is one of my favorite social media apps.  Not only because it is FUN but also because we have an amazing opportunity to reach so many other accounts organically through the many features it provides.  The Instagram analytic or insights section is the one section that will really show you how your posts are performing.  You can run down a big rabbit hole when you start looking at analytics and before you know it SO MUCH TIME has passed by.  That’s where I come in my friends.  I have identified 3 analytics that you should look at daily to determine if your content is really working for you. 


Are you ready to learn what they are? Let’s dive into my ride or die analytics that I look at on the daily…

The first one is Accounts Reached or your “reach”

I look at this for my overall account and individual posts to get a gauge on what is going on with my account.  If my overall account reach is low, this means I need to step it up a notch with the quality of content I put out there.  

I LOVE this measurement on a per post basis because it tells me how many unique people saw my content.  

If the number is high, it means that I must have done something right to not only stop the scroll but to also work with the algorithm.  If I see that a post performed really well in reach, I am going to spend a little bit of time determining what made that post so special.  

Things I will look at include:

  • The graphic used
  • The first 7 words of my caption
  • Time of day posted
  • The hashtags used


All of these things can tell the story as to why my post was performing really well.  If I can nail that, I can now figure out how to continue to get those same results.

The Difference Between Reach and Impressions

One important note before we leave reach.  It is super easy to confuse reach and impressions. Here’s a quick way to remember the difference.  Impressions are the total amount of times your content was viewed.  So this can be a combination of unique viewers and the person who went back to look at your post multiple times.  Reach is the amount of unique, one-time views.

Saves & Shares

This one could have been broken out into two metrics but I felt they went hand in hand and here’s why.  When someone saves and shares my content, I KNOW I crushed it.  It means I delivered so strongly on what they needed that they felt the need to share it with their tribe or someone who needed to see my post that day or they saved the content for later because it was THAT important that they didn’t want to lose it.  In my opinion, it is the BIGGEST compliment you can get on social media.  Because of those reasons…I have a love affair with saves and shares and strive to get them each time I post!

Link Taps

Link taps to your website from your profile page tell a story about how you are positioning yourself on Instagram.  I broke it down into two areas that I believe are driving people to take the time and effort to see what you have to offer them in the one and only link you are allowed to have on Instagram.


AREA #1:  CTAs or calls to action.  Creating really good CTAs in your caption that drives people to check out the link in your bio is a game changer.  It invites people to go deeper with you.


PRO SECRET:  Make it easy for your audience.  Put your @username in the caption.  When you put the @ symbol in front of your user name, it creates a clickable link to your profile – making it easier for your audience to get to your profile page.  

Area #2:  Intriguing Profile Bio

Crafting an intriguing bio can make all the difference!  If done well, you end up speaking directly to your ideal customer or client, leaving them wanting more which compels them to click on your one and only Instagram link allowing them to go deeper with you.


I hope this was helpful for you when looking at your account.  I believe these three analytics can really help to paint the story of what your audience wants to see from you. It can also help you create, develop and design better content.  If your numbers are low, that’s ok!  Embrace where you are and then challenge yourself to grow and create content that dazzles.

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