The Sound of Silence – How To Boost Social Media Engagement and LOVE the Results

Lora Shipman The Sound of Silence - How To Boost Social Media Engagement and LOVE the results

One of the fastest ways to grow your account and to become relevant in social media is through engagement.  That sounds all well and good but what if you aren’t getting any engagement on your posts? What if all you are hearing is crickets?  In today’s post, “The Sound of Silence – How To Boost Social Media Engagement and LOVE the results, I will share new and interesting tactics you can use to encourage engagement and interaction on social media. 


Let’s Dive In!


Reply to Comments

This one is a no-brainer.  Reply to all of the comments you receive on every post you put out there.  When the content creator (you) is seen as being interactive with their audience, more people will want to engage with you.  When you don’t engage, it sends a message to the audience that you won’t show up for them so, why should they bother.

Welcome To New Followers To Your Page/Account

I recently started doing this and I am happy I did!  Not only do your new audience members feel welcomed but it also sets the tone for your page, positively adds to your overall brand, and it sends a message how important engagement and interaction is to you.  If it sounds like a lot of work to greet each and every follower, check out my next tip!

Send A Welcome Video or Voice Note

In another life, I worked in the corporate offices of a major retailer.  One of the things we always said about customer service was, do whatever you can to delight your customers.  Sending a welcome message to new audience members does just that – delights them! Sending a written DM (direct message) is a nice sentiment but, it’s more powerful to send a video or, if you aren’t camera-ready, a voice note will have the same effect.  It gives your new fan an insight to who you are and to get to know you on a personal level. Here are some tips to do this effectively:

  • Mention them by name
  • Mention one thing you like about their account
  • Invite them to be an active part of your community 

Send a message to new people YOU are following with a meaningful comment

When you begin following new people, send them a DM.  This is a great way to start a relationship and begin networking.

Connect with Commenters (like and comment their content)

Replying to everyone’s comments is a best practice.  A better practice is to take it one step further and connect with your commenters on their account.  Take some time to review their account, like and comment on their posts, and if their account is relevant to you, give them a follow!


One of the best ways to get engagement is to simply ask for it.  When posting content on your grid or static feed, ask for the engagement by including a strong CTA (call to action).  Here are some examples of prompts you can try using:

  • Which of the above was your favorite?
  • What’s your opinion?
  • Tell me something about you.
  • What would you have done in this situation?

We are like big kids.  We love pressing buttons and clicking on things.  It’s just what we do LOL! Story engagement stickers (polls, quizzes, questions) are excellent ways to encourage engagement.  Try to include at least one engagement sticker once a day on your stories.

What ideas do you have to increase engagement?  I’d LOVE to hear them! Let me know about them in the comment section provided!  


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