The Anatomy Of The Perfect Post (6 Things You Should Include Each Time You Post)

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Post (6 Things You Should Include Each Time You Post) 1When it comes to social media, you need to have your A-game ON in order to cut through the noise.  But how do you successfully cut through the noise and stand out? In this post “The Anatomy Of The Perfect Post (6 Things You Should Include Each Time You Post) is the roadmap you need to ensure you are hitting all the points to create the perfect post.


Ready to get your social media posting game face on?  Let’s dive IN!


Best Image, Graphic, or Picture

To create a “stop the scroll” worth post, you must lead with a strong picture.  It’s the first thing people come across and it’s gotta be good to get people to stop and pay attention to you and your message.  Here are some tips to help you create the best image possible:

  • Not all image sizes are created equal!  Use the correct dimensions for the social media channel you are using.  What may look good on Instagram my look horrible on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.  Yes it’s extra work to resize pictures to the correct dimensions, but it is worth it!
  • Faces matter!  Social media is all about being social, which means people tend to respond better to images that include pictures of you!
  • Well lit.  Nothing is worse that a dark picture that you can’t see very well.  If a picture is dark, distorted and hard to see, it will probably get a pass.
  • Clear, not blurry or pixelated – see the point above.

Killer First Line

Depending on the social media platform, you only have about 1.5 lines to capture your audience’s attention and compel them to read on.  Since this is the case, you want to lead with your strongest hook to get them to tap the “read more” prompt. What should your killer first line look like?  For inspiration, I like to google “Email subject lines that get opened” and then apply it to my posts or the text overlay in my image.  


After you have planted the hook, it’s time to dazzle your audience.  Do this by creating massive value in your post in the form of:

  • Transformation
  • Actionable steps
  • Humor
  • Newsworthy/Noteworthy information
  • Industry trends
  • Training and help



Don’t over do it in the length department.  Yes, we want to deliver value, but remember, people are busy and have very short attention spans.  When delivering your content follow these tips:

  • Craft your content to be concise but also to deliver amazing content
  • Use white space to frame content and ideas, making your posts easier to read
  • Human eyes tend to scan for pertinent information.  Consider writing in bullet point form.

Call to Action

Don’t forget to end your post with a call to action.  Invite your audience to do something after reading your post.  Here are some ideas! Ask them to

  • Chime in with their thoughts or perspective
  • Like and share your content with someone who needs the info you have posted
  • Visit your website, blog, podcast, YouTube Channel, etc. to get more information about the topic you covered
  • DM you with their thoughts, if they have questions, etc.

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Post (6 Things You Should Include Each Time You Post) 2All the tags!

Tagging is important!  It helps you reach and meet new people in your niche!  Some of the tags you should use on the regular are:

  • Hashtags – help your posts get in front of the people who need to see them
  • Geo-tags – help you to connect with people in your local area
  • People tags – tag those who are a part of your post so they can get some extra exposure.  Be careful not to be overzealous in this department. Over-tagging or tagging people who aren’t relative to the post may get you the title of spammer!


Final Thoughts

What strategies and tactics do you use to encourage your audience to stop the scroll and tune into your content? Share them with us in the comment section!


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