The 3 Fs of Social Media

Getting started with social media can be overwhelming.  There are so many questions like:  What do I post, what will my audience respond to, what if no one responds, what if my content isn’t good…and the list goes on and on.  Let’s tackle those concerns and focus on a content plan for your business using the 3 Fs of Social Media Framework.


Let’s Dive In!


I like using the easy button whenever possible. And for me, the “Easy Button” looks like a system or template that is easy to execute which in turn makes my job a lot easier to accomplish.  

If I don’t have a system in place that is built for efficiency, I know I will fail. That being the case I tend to look for opportunities to develop my own frameworks, systems, and plans to help me get all the things done.   In fact, I am extremely obsessive about efficient systems – so much so that I create them for every part of my day to day life.  It may sound extreme but trust me when I say that if you have a system or blueprint in place you will free up so much valuable time.

So, what does my system look like for content creation?  I am so glad you asked…I even have a snazzy name for my content creation system.  It’s called:  F3 Ok, maybe I lied.  The name isn’t snazzy but the system is simple and effective.  It’s made up of 3 parts.  They are:

  1. Frequency
  2. Focus
  3. Fantastic Message


Here’s how it works…  


Before you can begin slapping content up on social media walls, it’s a good idea to commit to how many times a week you will post content to social media as well as the days you will be posting.  

This will do two things for you and your account:

  1. It will help build consistency with your audience and they will begin to anticipate the arrival of your content and social media posts.
  2. It will help you figure out how many post ideas you will need for an entire month.  

My recommendation for people just starting out in social media is to take it slow.  Commit to posting on social media 3 days a week and here’s why:

  • 3 days a week isn’t overwhelming – in fact it is pretty doable
  • If you pick a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, it gives you some pretty easy consistency throughout a work-week


The next part of our framework is FOCUS and I believe it is the foundation to creating a social media content strategy that is effective…I truly believe if you deliver focused content, you will hit the plans you have made for your business more easily.  

Here’s what I mean – Let’s take a look at how retailers create focused campaigns.  Back in the day, I used to work in the corporate offices of one of the biggest sunglass retailers in the world.  

The systems they had in place for doing things was amazing and so were their skills at marketing to the general public.  


Here’s how they did it…

They broke the year down into 4 major focuses:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • And Winter


Having the year broken into seasons helped to organize and predict which sunglass styles would most likely sell and when.  


Let’s take summer for example.  The sunglasses that may do better in summer may not do as well in winter.  

During the summer, you will most likely want performance sunglasses that help with glare and sport styles that hug your face so you can enjoy water sports like boating and waterskiing.  

Based on those assumptions we would select the styles we wanted to sell during the summer.  Then we broke the summer down by month and assigned products or collections to specific months.  In a sense, each month of the summer had its own “Super Hero” – a brand, collection or product that could save the day by solving a common problem of the season.

Once we had our product focus in place, that meant our marketing messages, the artwork, and the micro messages throughout the store also had to be on point – all saying the same thing.  

This type of strategy not only kept the business focused on their objectives, but it also kept our customers focused on our message AND it positioned us as the authority and leader in the space we were currently active in.  

Do the same thing with your business!  

Break your business down into main focuses and claim your authority by sending a clear message each month!  

People need to hear the same message 7-12 times before they are even aware of the message.  If you are bouncing from message to message you are losing your audience.  They don’t know what to focus on because you are all over the place.  But, if you really think about your message and stick with it for a month, your audience is going to understand what you do, who you serve, the problem you solve, AND that you are the go-to expert in the field.  

Fantastic Message

The last part of this system is crafting a Fantastic Message.  Now that you know what your focus for the month is, it’s time to determine how you will deliver that message.  This is where creativity comes in.  

I created a system called CLICKS for crafting fantastic messaging that you are going to want to get to know!  I go into detail in a recent podcast episode – Episode 136 – 6 Things You Need To Craft Amazing Social Media Content (LINK).  It is a must listen.  But the quick version is this:

C – Create Captivating Media

L – Likeable Content

I – Irresistible Hook

C – Clear Call To Action

K – Kick Ass Click Throughs

S – Shareable and Saveable Content

Once you listen to that episode, you can take the information from there and apply it to this…

Throughout the month, use a mix of:

  • Educational posts 
    • Teach your audience how to best use your product or service
    • Show your audience how your product or service solves a problem
    • Educate your audience on proven results
  • Inspirational posts
    • Inspire your audience with content related to your industry and business
    • As an example, I use best practices as inspirational quotes for my audience and they get a lot of traction.  
      • Here’s an example:  “Know your audience intimately.  When you do, you will always provide them with what they need at the exact time they need it! “
      • It’s just a little “Lora-ism” that sheds some light on best practices when it comes to social media.
      • Get creative and start thinking of things you say on a regular basis

  • Entertaining posts
    • Think of ways you can deliver your message while entertain your audience
      • Can you tell a story that highlights your product or service
      • Show your audience behind the scenes
      • Create videos of people using your product or service
      • Share a testimonial
  • Rewarding posts
    • How can you reward your audience?  Can you offer things like
      • A free sample or free trial
      • A free download
      • A coupon


And then rinse and repeat Frequency, Focus, and Fantastic Messaging going forward.  And that’s it!  Now it’s your turn!  Now that you have the tool, it’s time to put what you have learned in this post into action in your business.

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