The 1 Instagram Metric No One Ever Talks About

How do you know if your Instagram post is really working and reaching the people you want to reach?  There is 1 Instagram metric that no one ever talks about and it’s easy to miss! It’s the blue “View Insights” text positioned under the left corner of every Instagram picture you post to your business account.  Grab your phone, fire up Instagram, and check it out…

I’ll wait…





Many people think that the blue “View Insights” text takes you to your overall Instagram insights. But, that’s not the case.  In fact, it gives you intel on that specific post!


Let’s dive into what the numbers tell you and why they are SO important!

When you first tap on the “View Insights” text, it gives you an overall summary of:

  • # of Post Likes
  • # of Post Comments
  • # of Saves
  • # of Profile Visits
  • # of Accounts Reached

Before you navigate away from this summary, there’s more!  Tap the summary screen again. When you tap the summary screen again, it opens up even more detail about the post analytics.  It will tell you about the interactions your post got, specifically how many profile visits and website clicks your post received.  Scanning more of the insights will bring you to the Discovery section of the insights summary. This is the part that I love and find so important because it tells you how hard the post is working for you.  The numbers tell you if this post generated:

  • Follows (aka Instagram account growth)
  • Reach (how many accounts your post reached)
  • Impressions – THIS IS MY FAVORITE SECTION!!!

The Impressions section will tell you where people found your post.  Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Home:  This is your audiences home screen
  • Hashtags:  How many people found your post because of the hashtags you used.  To me this is analytic gold! This will tell you how your hashtag game is working for your account which is why it is so important to switch up your hashtags and try new ones.  Take note of when you are changing hashtags and record when you see an uptick in certain hashtag groups that you are using.
  • Profile:  How many people went to your profile and then visited the post
  • Other:  This could be a bunch of scenarios like direct messages, outside links, etc.


Take some time this week and start reviewing the various results you are receiving on your posts.  Determine what it is that is causing some posts to get more exposure than others. A little time with your post analytics will help you grow your account and attract your ideal customers.


Happy ‘gramming!

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