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The best way to stop the social media scroll is through AMAZING graphics.  Sometimes, we just don’t have the library of images we need to make an impact.  That’s where stock photos come in handy.  In this blog post I am going to share with you the top stock photo sites I love


Let’s dive in!



If you are looking for a specific picture, Unsplash is bound to have it.  This is by far, my favorite resource for stock photos.  They are high quality and perfect to use for social media posts and website images.  They even have great photos for phone and computer wallpapers.  Check out Unsplash by clicking HERE.



You may think it’s odd to have Canva listed as a stock photo resource but friends, this graphic design program has a ton of images you can use to create the perfect post.  The free version is pretty extensive but the Pro version is ROBUST with photographs, illustrations, elements, doodles, icons, video, sticker GIFs – OMG the list goes on.  Check out Canva and all it has to offer by clicking HERE.


This site is great for finding the perfect picture but it is also fantastic for photographers as well!  Upload your photos, join challenges and win prizes on Pexels.  Learn more by clicking HERE.



There are LOTS of photos on Pixabay and as with most of the stock photo sites you come across, Pixabay will allow you to save any photos you find into “collections” while cruising their site.  This makes it a really convenient way to organize the pictures you may want to use in the future.  Pixabay offers more than photos.  You can also find illustrations, vectors, music, and video!  Check out Pixabay by clicking HERE.


Shhhh!  Not many people know about this site.   If I share this site with you, it has to be our own little secret because if everyone finds out about the photos on the site, the site won’t be unique anymore and that’s why I freaking LOVE this site!  The pictures are fresh, clean, bright and they just have their own little vibe.  I can’t really explain it but you will see what I am talking about when you check out the site.  As with most of the sites mentioned, you can sort by color theme – this is really handy if you are trying to match a certain aesthetic.  Visit KaboomPics by clicking HERE.

Friendly advice…

When using any stock photo site on the internet, it is really important to understand the rules of how you can use the photographs you find.  Before you start downloading images, make sure you read the fine print and understand how you can use the photos, if attribution is required, and what copyright laws may be in place.  Not following the rules or failure to understand copyright laws could result in hefty fines.  Most stock photo sites make the legal jargon easy to understand.


Happy photo hunting!

XO Lora

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