Staying Accountable to Your 2019 Goals

Welcome to the second week of 2019!  Remember how the first week of the year felt?  Everything seemed so new, fresh, and you the sense that your New Year’s Resolutions could help you achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to.  I LOVE that feeling. For me, something magical happens between December 31 and January 1 each and every year. For some reason, I feel like we get a clean slate starting January 1 and a chance to hit the restart button allowing us to focus on new goals bringing us closer to the life we really want to live.  Does anyone else feel this way? I don’t think I am the only one. But, over time, that feeling ebbs away and it makes it difficult to stay accountable to your 2019 goals. There are some strategies to help you keep the New Year, New You feeling alive! Let’s dive into my 5 tips for staying accountable to your 2019 Goals.


TIP 1:  Accountability Partners

These peeps are crucial to your success.  Accountability partners are trusted people in your life who you can check in with to help you stay on track with your goals.  These can be family members, your spouse or partner, a close friend, a confidant, etc.


TIP 2:  Accountability Journal & Daily Goal Awareness

Dedicate a special notebook to your 2019 goals.  Re-write your goals on a daily basis. I know this might sound a little much but hear me out.  There is something about writing your goals out on a daily basis that imprints them into your subconscious mind.  After several days or weeks of this practice, you will begin to have the “how” of accomplishing your goals flash across your mind.  These “flashes” of ideas and spurts of creativity is your subconscious mind taking action for you – don’t ignore them…take action when they happen.  Trust me.


When I first heard about journaling for accountability and the subconscious mind, I didn’t believe it.  I had nothing to lose but to try it. I started writing my goals on a daily basis. I didn’t know how I was going to achieve some of the goals but I knew I wanted to achieve them.  Then, one day, while getting ready, an idea just popped into my head. I wasn’t even thinking about my goals when it happened. But it was the perfect solution for a part of my overall goals for 2019.


TIP 3:  Break Down Your Goals

Goals can be intimidating and overwhelming – especially if they are BIG!  The best way to conquer intimidating goals is to prioritize your goals and then break them down.  What works well for me is to rank my goals in a way that if I accomplish one certain goal, it snowballs and effects the outcome of all the other goals on my list making the rest of my goals easier to accomplish.

TIP 4:  Calendaring Goals

To ensure I am making progress when it comes to my goals, I schedule time on my calendar to accomplish tasks related to my goals.  For example, let’s say one of my goals was to write an eBook this year. To make sure the eBook gets written, I would block 20-30 minutes a day on my calendar for eBook development, tasks, writing, and marketing.  Twenty to thirty-minute time-blocks are reasonable amounts of focused time to put aside each day for a goal that is going to make me, my business, or both thrive. Another thing I love about this process is that a little bit of work each day is going to get me closer to my goal instead of saving the work until I can find the time to get it done.  Let’s face it, the project won’t get done unless it is made a priority. Time on your calendar makes it a priority.


TIP 5:  Celebrate Progress

Celebrate the small wins and the progress you make along your journey to crushing your goals.  Celebrating helps you stay motivated and energized to see the project through. BIG projects or goals can be exciting at the onset but, in the middle is where the excitement might wear off.  The work may become tedious or you may hit a stumbling block. Don’t give up. Push through. Remember why you have this task or project on your goal list. Visualize the outcome and keep your eye on the prize.


What strategies and tactics do you use to help you stay motivated and accountable when it comes to reaching your goals?  I would love to hear them! Post them in the comment section.


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