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Let us help you get the social conversation started!  

Social media is all about how you communicate with your audience.  We love working with our clients to show them how to create a social conversation without being “sales-y” while always providing value!

We offer social media consulting where we:

  • Explore your social media footprint
  • Provide social media channel audits
  • Develop your business’ online brand
  • How-to sessions and training
  • Teach how to make captivating graphics to help stop the scroll
  • Design a content plan and calendar to help you reach your target market and audience
  • Help you develop social media automation

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Training & Workshops

Social Media changes on the daily!  Sometimes it is hard to keep up.  There are always new

  • social channels emerging
  • strategies to use
  • tools and techniques to put into practice

Check out my latest Instagram Course:

Grow your Instagram knowledge!

This course is perfect for the beginner who is looking to get a handle on Instagram and learn how they can ramp up their IG game.

Great news!  This course will be updated often and you will have full access to all the updates so that you can continue to successfully grow your Instagram account and improve your efforts. 


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Explore what people are saying about this course:

Jill C.  Lora’s Instagram course heightened my knowledge of Instagram in so many ways. I was already using Instagram for my business so had some basic knowledge, but after watching her modules, I learned so many new tricks and tips! I am a confident Instagram marketer now!

Denise L. Lora’s course enhanced the basic knowledge I had with Instagram to be able to take posts to the next level. From presenting a clean profile & bio to tips on consistency, content, and using video, I’m feeling more comfortable with using Instagram in the way I should for my business. I appreciate how Lora’s videos are presented in easily-digestible sections as it made working through items piece by piece fit with my schedule.

Kate A. Lora’s course opened my eyes to just how valuable Instagram is as a way of connecting with my clients, both potential & current ones – and showed me just how quick, easy & FUN it can be. The secret hacks provided during the very rich content of the course were incredible, and in a short space of time I’ve seen my instagram profile gain in visibility, more links clicked to my other content, increased followers and increased post likes! Thank you so very much Lora Van Zandt-Shipman, this amazing training has been incredible! – Kate Arbuckle, mynaturalhappiness.com

Anita N. Lora’s Instagram course is awesome! The way she teaches is easy to follow and understand, she breaks everything down in bite sized pieces which makes it super easy to learn and implement. This course is gem whether you’re a Instagram newbie or consider yourself a veteran. I learned so many tips and tricks that have already made a positive difference in gaining followers and increasing engagement. Thanks Lora!

Debby K. Lora’s Instagram course has been a game changer. I’d been resisting getting a business account because I didn’t know how or what to share. Lora taught me in bite-sized steps how to set-up and meaningfully engage. Invest in this course! Deborah Kevin, deborahkevin.com

Hanne B. Lora’s Instagram course has been a great eye-opener for me. I am learning so much about what Instagram can do. I have had a business account for some time without figuring out how to use it, now I have lots of ideas for content that I am looking forward to create. Lora explains everything in detail in a simple step by step way, she is a great teacher. I will keep these modules handy for a long time. You should really do this course, it’s a treasure! Thanks Lora!

Nicole B. Lora’s Instagram program helped me up my game on social media. The tips I learned and the guidance Lora gave me helped increase my visibility ten-fold! As a result, I’m seeing tremendous business growth.

Maribeth D. Without Lora’s incredible guidance and explicit training, I would never have been able to use Instagram. Already with the little bit I’m doing has people noticing me!



Do you and your team need help staying current when it comes to social media?  I can help!  I love sharing what I know with others and watching their businesses grow as a result!

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