Learn How To Batch and Slay™ Your Social Media Marketing

Social media Batch and Slay™ is not only a method, but a way of life LOL!  Seriously. It is the one process in my business that saves me time like no other.  Are you ready to get your social media content under control, save time, and become more efficient?  Keep reading to learn how to Batch and Slay™ your social media marketing.


Let’s dive in!


What Is Batch and Slay™?

Batch and Slay™ is a system I designed to help me create social media content efficiently and effectively for both me and my clients.  In a nutshell, I select one day per month where I create and design all the content needed for myself and all of my clients.

3 Reasons Why I Use Batch and Slay and Why You Should Too:

  1. Time Efficient.  Once you get started creating content in batches, you will be amazed at how efficient you become at creating social media for your business.  
  2. Helps You Meet Your Annual Goals.  It’s true! When you break your social media down a month at a time, it helps you stay focused on the monthly goal which then helps you achieve your annual goal.
  3. Keeps You Sane.  With the Batch and Slay™ method, you end up only creating content once per month, not every day or at the last minute when you realize you haven’t thought about a post for the day.

Bonus Reason:  It truly frees up time for you to do other things for yourself and your business.

Hopefully those three reasons were enticing enough to get you on the Batch and Slay™ band wagon.

3 Tools Needed For Batch and Slay

There are 3 tools I use when batching and slaying.  They are:


Google Drive:

Keeping my content in one place that is easily accessible is extremely important.  There may be times where you are on the go, traveling, or out of your office. When you have your content in a cloud based program like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can easily access the content and make changes right from your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Canva is an easy to use affordable graphics program with TONS of high-quality photographs you can use for your social media content.  To learn more about Canva click HERE.


CinchShare is one of the easiest schedulers I have ever come in contact with.  It’s a great way to automate your posts. To learn more about CinchShare and how it works, click HERE.

How to Batch and Slay™

Now that you know why you should Batch and Slay, it’s time to learn the HOW.  Below is a step-by-step outline of how I approach my Batch and Slay method on a monthly basis.

  • Look at your overall annual goal for your business
  • Break that goal down into 12 focuses or big ideas (1 for every month of the year) to help you achieve that goal (see example below)
  • It is not necessary to have 12 unique ideas.  If you need to repeat ideas throughout the year, that’s ok!
  • Now that you have 12 big ideas for the year, assign each idea to a month of the year
  • Once you have a big idea assigned to each month, break that down into 4 or 5 concepts you will focus on depending on how many weeks are in the month (see example below).

  • Now that you know what you will be talking about on social media during each month of the year, it’s time to get writing!
  • Select a day mid-month that will be your Batch and Slay day.
  • Set aside a maximum of 2 hours to Batch and Slay content for the upcoming month.
  • Use one hour for content writing and the second hour for graphic design.
  • It’s important to segment your work into like tasks (writing and designing) because it helps your brain work more efficiently instead of toggling back and forth between writing tasks and design tasks.  Click here to listen to my podcast episode on Batch and Slay to learn why.
  • At the end of the two hours (at the most), you should have a month’s worth of content written for your business.
  • The next step is to schedule your content for the month.  I like to use CinchShare as my scheduling tool.  It’s easy to use and super-affordable.  Grab a 45-day free trial by clicking HERE.

Special Batch and Slay™ Session with Lora

That was a quick rundown of how to Batch and Slay™. I’m sure you have questions and would like to know more.  Great news! I am doing a special Batch and Slay co-working session on Friday, February 21, 2020.  It would be GREAT to see you there. To learn more about Batch and Slayand to reserve your spot, click HERE.

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