Knowing When To Post On Facebook

Facebook can be frustrating!  Who is with me? Remember the days when you were able to throw a post out on Facebook and everyone you wanted to see it, would see it?  Wouldn’t it be great to get those days back??? While we may not be able to get those days back completely, there are some things we can do to give our posts more visibility.  One of the things you can do to gain visibility is knowing when to post on Facebook. The ability to pinpoint the time of day you should be posting is a major post visibility factor.  Ready to learn how to know when your audience is online?


Let’s Dive In!



One of the best ways for you to reach your audience is to post according to their schedule.  How do you know when they are online? Through “Insights.” Insights are the analytics for your business page.  If you have never visited your Insights or if you are intimidated by them, I am going to help you to get to know them!  

To see when your audience is using Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Facebook business page
  • At the very top of the page (below the blue Facebook bar), look for the tab entitled “Insights” and click on it

  • Once there, look in the left menu bar and click on the “Posts” tab
  • On this screen, make sure the “When your fans are online” option is activated at the top of the page

  • Now you can get into the nitty-gritty
    • The first thing you see is an overview of when your audience is using Facebook
    • When you take a closer look, you will see by day and time when your audience is most likely to be on Facebook

  • Take this one step further and hover over a specific day to see when the best posting time period is for that day.  You will notice, on Friday, there are specific “peak periods” of activity. This may suggest that going forward, on Fridays, I may want to post during these times instead of the mornings.  See the image below:

What To Do Next…

Now that you have made a determination of the best times to post, it’s time to look at the types of posts that get the most action on your page.  Scroll downward to the “All Posts Published” section. This area will show you how well each of your posts is performing. This table measures both reach and engagement. 

In general, engagement is social media gold.  Typically the more engagement a post receives, the more people the algorithm will expose the post to.  When you are looking at this table, look for posts that have a “long” purple bar. These are the posts that have received the most reactions, comments, and shares.  Take a closer look at these posts by tapping on the thumbnail image provided. A screen will pop up showing you the following:

  • The image used
  • The content/caption provided
  • Post analytics (reach, engagement, likes, etc.)

Now that you have an idea of when your audience is on Facebook and the type of posts your audience reacts to, it’s time to create more of those types of posts and post them at the optimal time determined by the graphs we first looked at.  


Final Thoughts…

Track and monitor your Facebook progress by looking at these results on a weekly and monthly basis and tweak as necessary. Don’t forget to try new types of posts to keep your feed interesting and to have fun. You never know which type of post, idea, or graphic will make an impact!


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