It’s A Great Time For A Social Media Audit

I am a firm believer that we should take the time to audit our social media profiles and channels on a regular basis.  Now that we are approaching the end of January 2019, I think it’s a great time for a social media audit! Frankly, an audit now and once a quarter for the rest of the year should be on your calendar.  Auditing your accounts is a great way to make sure you are not missing pertinent information, missing out on new features, etc. Read on for a list of things you should look for when conducting an audit of your social profiles.


Start With The Basics – Then Move On:

Take the time to review the basics of your account first.  Things to look at for accuracy are:

  • Contact info:  Name, address, phone number, email
  • Links:  are all of the links you use on your profile page working?  Are any broken?
  • If there is a map or directions to your location feature, is it accurate?


Now that you have the basics covered, you can move into the detail of your accounts/channels you are active on.



Ideally, you should be checking these on the daily or at least weekly at the minimum.  Your analytics will tell you if your posting strategy is working for you. On a quarterly basis, you may want to look at larger chunks of your success like overall account growth and reach.


Banner Image:

This is a prime piece of real estate for your account!  Make sure your banner/header image is doing its job! My recommendation is to switch this out frequently with current messaging about what your offer is, who you are trying to attract, what your visitors can expect to experience from your page, etc.  (Pssst…if you are doing quarterly audits, this is a great way to remember to change out your banner – fresh is good!).

Does your banner/header image include things like:

  • A call to action (what do you want your audience to do next?)?
  • Your phone number?
  • Explain what you do (either visually or with a concise written message)?



Many times people will skimp in this area.  Take the time to review your bio. When you are reviewing your bio, ensure that the information found there is still relevant and is in line with your current marketing message.  Double check to make sure it includes things like:

  • Clarity on who you serve
  • What people can expect to receive from your page
  • Your expertise
  • Why they should be following and interacting with your account


Branding & Graphics:

During the past year (if you haven’t been doing regular audits) have your logo, branding colors or taglines changed?  If so, take the time to make the appropriate updates. The other thing to look for when auditing your account for graphics is to make sure the images you are using are the correct size.  Many times when social media apps make updates to their platforms, they also change the size of the placeholders for banner and profile images.


Content Diversity:

This is a big one.  Check to see if your content is diverse enough.  Does your content include regular posts, live video, pre-recorded video, ephemeral video (short-form video that is available for 24-hours – think the “stories” feature or SnapChat).  If your content is the same day-in and day-out, your audience will become bored and move on.



Check for consistency in your posting habits.  Are you showing up for your audience on a regular basis?  If you aren’t consistent you could lose followers, brand awareness, and potential business.  


Content/Editorial Calendar:

Does your content calendar reflect the goals you have for your business and your social media goals?  Are you creating content ahead of time to help you stay consistent in your posting efforts?



Review your social media goals on a quarterly basis.  Ask yourself if they still make sense and what do you need to change/tweak.


Page Roles:

When completing a social media audit of your accounts, it is always good to review who has access/permissions to your pages.  Revoke access to anyone who no longer works on your accounts.


Password Update:

It’s a good idea to change your password on a regular basis.  If you engage in quarterly social media audits, use this time to change your password.  It seems that password breaches take place more often than not these days. reported last week that nearly 22 million unique passwords were leaked in a “Collection #1” data breach.


Platform Review:

What platforms or channels is your brand using?  Review each one to determine whether it still makes sense to be on the platform.  While doing this review, determine if there are any new platforms you should add.


Review how often you are posting on each platform.  Compare your posting frequency against your analytics.  Would your account benefit from posting more frequently or less frequently.


Profile Picture:

How old is that profile picture you are using?  Make sure it is current. Don’t use a picture from 20 years ago.  People want to connect with accounts that are real and authentic.  


There’s still time for making 2019 resolutions.  This year resolve to audit your accounts on a regular basis.  To help you keep track of your social media audits, I created a quarterly audit checklist to use during 2019.  Download it by clicking HERE.


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