Instagram TV (IGTV) is Finally Here!

Have you noticed something new and different about Instagram?  It is boasting a NEW feature called Instagram TV or IGTV for short.  Yep!  Instagram TV (IGTV) is Finally Here! Ready to learn all that you need to know about IGTV? Great! Read on!


Get to know the basics about IGTV…


What is IGTV?

IGTV is a new video platform launched by Instagram.  It specializes in vertical, long-form video that creators can use to communicate with their target audience.  It’s also a way for Instagram users to find video content they are interested in.


How and Where Do You Access IGTV

You can access IGTV through the Instagram app or through its very own standalone app.


IGTV Notifications

Whenever one of your favorite content creators posts an IGTV episode, you will receive a notification letting you know an episode is ready for you to view.


Watching IGTV

To watch IGTV, tap on the orange TV icon at the top of your Instagram app.  Once you open IGTV, any unwatched episodes of IGTV will start playing. You can also choose to watch episodes categorized into clickable tabs or folders:

  • Suggested videos for you to watch (these are based on your likes and interest on Instagram)
  • “Following” (these are videos from people you follow)
  • Popular videos (those videos trending on IGTV)
  • Continue watching – this tab collects videos you were watching and pauses them at the spot you were at when you navigated away.  You can pick up and continue watching where you left off.


Advertising – There are NO ads on IGTV…YET

“Right now we’re focused on building engagement,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said in a press conference after the launch.  “But that’s obviously a very reasonable place to end up. There will be a way for creators to make a living.”


It’s Vertical, Not Horizontal

Social media managers, content creators, and influencers have always produced mobile video by holding their devices horizontally to frame the scene and fill a screen.  IGTV changes that practice. IGTV video should be shot with your mobile device positioned straight up and down, not horizontally.

How Long Can Your IGTV Episode Be?

At the time of this blog post, you can provide 10 minutes of content per episode.  Accounts with a larger following can produce up to 60 minutes of content. Sometime in the future, expect to see Instagram change these time parameters to be unlimited for all.


Final thoughts…

According to Instagram, by the year 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.  If you haven’t dipped your toe into the video pool to test the waters, it’s time to dive in.  The longer you wait to embrace video, the further behind you and your business will be. Below are a list of my favorite ways to get started with video:

  • Instagram or Facebook stories:  Short-form video you can record and review before you post
  • Pre-recorded video you can add to your Instagram or Facebook newsfeed
  • Instagram or Facebook live
  • SnapChat – the “OG” app of short-form video


Hope to see YOU on the IGTV airways!

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