How to Make a Social Media Content Calendar…and Stick To It!

Creating quality content for your social media channels is crucial to your business, your brand, and your overall goals. But, when you are “winging it” or posting whatever inspires you that day, it can be hard to design quality posts.  That’s where a content calendar can come in really handy. In this post, we will explore how to make a social media content calendar…and stick to it!


Let’s dive in!


Select social media channels 

Don’t feel pressured to be on absolutely every social media channel.  Be selective! Select the platforms where your audience and target market are most likely to hangout.  

Set A Social Media Goal For The Month

Spend some time thinking about the reasons why you are on social media and set a goal to help you accomplish the main reasons you are on the platforms you selected.  Some of the more common goals people select for their social media campaigns are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Community growth
  • Website traffic
  • Mail list growth and subscriptions
  • Position as a thought leader and expert in your field or niche

Decide on a Theme or Focus for the Month

One of the easiest ways for you to stay on track with your social media goals is to set an overall focus for the month. Make sure each post you create aligns with the your overall theme.  For example, my major theme for the month of March 2020 is content creation. This month, I am sharing things to help my audience produce the best content possible for their businesses. What topic or category could focus on for an entire month?


Determine the frequency of posts per each social channel you identified.  The key to social media is to show up consistently for your audience. A general rule of thumb is to show up a minimum of 3 times a week in post feeds like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIN and show up daily in “story” feeds.  This schedule will help you stay both consistent and relevant to your audience but, in the end, you must do what is best for your business and your audience. Everyone’s schedule will end up being as unique as they are.  

Mix It Up and Keep It Interesting

Select a mix of content you will share with your audience.  Varying your content will keep your audience both interested and engaged.  Below is a list of ideas you can use. For a more comprehensive list, click HERE

  • Blog posts
  • Quotes
  • Video
  • Challenges
  • Trainings
  • Tips
  • Humor

Use your own creativity to come up with more ideas and work them into your overall content calendar for the month.


Fill in your calendar with prompts or better yet, the actual caption you plan to use for the post.  Make sure each caption relates back to the overall theme or focus for the month.

Holidays and Special Days

Don’t forget to identify these days on your content calendar.  Celebrate these days with your audience by celebrating with something special for them.  These celebratory posts can be things like:

  • Free downloads
  • Special coupons
  • Contests
  • Giveaways

Stick To The Plan

Once your plan is filled out and you know what you should be posting and when, stick to it.  The planning work is done, now all you need to do is execute everything you planned. Using my Batch & Slay Method to content creation is one of the best ways to ensure you follow through on all the planning work you did.  Learn more about my Batch & Slay™ Method by clicking HERE.


Do you need a social media content planner to fill out for your business?  Click HERE for a free content calendar.

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