How to Create Social Media Caption Hooks That Get Attention

You have 2.7 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they are scrolling through the feeds on social media.  That’s not a lot of time.  So, that means the image you have chosen for your post must be show-stopping.  Once you have their attention, your caption has to do the heavy lifting.  Your caption has about two lines to make an impact depending on which social media platform you are using.  Honestly, you probably have less than that…try 7 words.  That’s not a lot – making it super important for you to learn how to create strong social media caption hooks so your audience keeps reading. 


Learn how now!


You have 7 words to grab someone’s attention – use them wisely.  The 7 words you choose will mean the difference between someone tapping on “read more” option and investing time with your post or scrolling by.  When you start looking at your content and your audience through the lens of 7 words, you begin to make major changes in your content.

It truly is an investment of time when someone elects to read your post.  It is the one commodity your audience can never get back.  Don’t waste their time (or yours) by creating below average content.  It won’t do anyone any good.  Instead, put your energy into learning how you can create high-value, meaningful content that truly helps people.  


Below is a checklist you can use to run your introductory line through to see if the 7 words you are choosing are enough to make someone pause and invest in the post by reading more.


FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

Do the 7 words you are using make the reader curious about what they may be missing if they don’t “read more?”  Some concepts or phrases that help to build FOMO are:

  • The real secret to…
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make when…
  • What no one tells you about…
  • Stop doing this if you want…

Benefit – What’s In It For Them

Give your audience a reason to read your content.  By the end of your post, what can they expect to gain?  If you can’t determine how your content will benefit your reader, go back and tweak your message so it provides something of value or a nugget your audience will benefit from.


Quick Wins and Transformations

These types of posts are the ones I can’t get enough of!  When someone lays out a plan, steps, a guide, the answer to a problem, tips, tricks, or shortcuts, I become a fan for life.  You will too when you start using this type of content.

Ask a Compelling Question

Thought provoking questions are a great way to pique someone’s curiosity.  Here’s how it works.  When presented with a challenging question that causes your audience to pause and wonder how they would answer the question or resolve the issue, they can’t help but continue to read to see how the author resolved the situation and to see if they were on the right track.  Examples of thought provoking caption questions or hooks are: 

  • How would you respond if…
  • Did I make the right decision when I…
  • Where did I make my mistake when I…
  • Why did this happen if…


Final Thoughts

Creating captivating content takes a lot time, energy, and effort.  The more you work at developing your caption muscle, the easier it will become.  Test various types of caption hooks to see what resonates with your audience.  The best way to tell if your caption hooks are working is to take a look at your insights.  Dive in to see the comments, shares, and saves that begin to take place.  Determine if there is a common thread or similarity between the posts that perform the best.

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