How to Craft Social Media Content in 5 Easy Steps

Creating quality social media content is time consuming!  Especially when it is done correctly.  But, don’t let the task overwhelm you!  In this post, “How to Craft Social Media Content in 5 Easy Steps,” I will share with you a simple process to help you not feel so overwhelmed!


Let’s Dive In!


If you have been around her for long, you know that I love to break things down into simple steps that use easy to follow bullet points.  Today’s post is no different!


STEP 1:  Keep A Running List of Ideas

This is a must have!  I brainstorm content ideas on the regular.  Most of the time these ideas pop up while I am on my daily walk or in the shower – lol!  I do some of my best thinking in those two places.  So that I don’t forget any of my ideas, I like to organize them in Trello.  Trello allows me to organize my thoughts and ideas by theme or by category.  Another reason why I love using Trello is because they have an easy to use mobile app.  So, no matter where I am when an idea pops up, I can quickly and easily record it in one spot.

Before I used Trello, I had ideas all over the place.  They would end up on sticky notes on my desk, in random notebooks, and on scraps of paper most likely found at the bottom of my purse or computer bag.  Now everything is in one, easy to find spot!

STEP 2:  Create Compelling Captions 

Now that you have your ideas ready to go, it’s time to get creative!  Make your idea super juicy!  How can you build out your idea in a caption so that people can’t help but read your post?  Use a compelling first line.  Here are some ideas where you can find inspiration for compelling first lines:

STEP 3:  Have Your Hashtags Ready

Hashtags are becoming increasingly more important.  We know that by using them on Instagram we can attract a target audience, be found on Twitter, and connect with people who want to learn about what you have to say about a certain topic on LinkedIn.  Facebook is even beginning to put more emphasis on hashtags than they have before. Below are some tips to help you get organized with hashtags:

  • Create a database and continually add to it – I like to use Google Sheets to keep mine organized
  • Do some research – explore hashtags that are being used by your competition, mentors, and target audience. Add the ones that make sense to your database. 
  • Check out which hashtags are being used in your space on LinkedIn

STEP 4:  Gorgeous Graphics For the Win

Graphics are massively important!  They are the one thing that first catches your audience’s eye and encourages them to stop the scroll.  Without captivating images, your audience will scroll on by.

Pro tip:  Use tools like Canva templates to help you create social media graphics quickly!


STEP 5:  Batch & Slay

This is my favorite part of the entire process.  Set aside some time for you to create content in batches.  For my clients, I like to create content for them a month at a time and then schedule it out (slay).  When I approach content creation in this manner, I am no longer freaking out and wondering where my next post is going to come from.  As a matter of fact, I have set myself up for success right from the start with step 1 – brainstorming a content list.


Those are the 5 steps I use on a regular basis to help me create content easily.  

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