Have You Ever Heard of Tripwire Marketing?

Maybe you have never heard of tripwire marketing, but my guess is, you have participated in tripwire marketing without even knowing about it.  It this week’s blog, I am going to introduce you to tripwire marketing and how it works in 5 easy steps.  


Let’s get started…


STEP:  1 Understanding Tripwire Marketing

Tripwire marketing is the ability to turn a lead into a paying customer by offering them an irresistible product that solves a specific problem or addresses a specific pain point at an extremely affordable price point.  This “baby offer,” is designed to be something that is easy for your target market to purchase without hesitation because it offers great value at a price that is easily affordable. Once the purchase of the tripwire (or baby offer) is made, your ideal customer turns into a paying customer and places them into your sales funnel for something bigger.

STEP 2:  How to Start

You need an email list in order for Tripwire Marketing to work.  The best way to start an email list of targeted leads is to create a lead magnet.  A lead magnet is a desirable, easy to consume, actionable piece of content that people can download once they provide an email address.  Examples of lead magnets may be things like a:

  • Checklist
  • Worksheet
  • Whitepaper

STEP 3:  Design a Tripwire

A good tripwire product is something that is very affordably priced and solves a very specific problem and yields immediate results to the purchaser.  Tripwires can be things like:

  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Mini-trainings or courses
  • Tutorials
  • Free trials of a bigger offering
  • Limited access to a larger service, tool, or product

STEP 4:  Recommend Your Tripwire to Your Email List

Now that you have your lead magnet attracting your ideal customers, an email list that is building, and a tripwire ready to go, it’s time to recommend your tripwire product to your email list.  Do this by sending out 2-3 emails to your audience offering the tripwire product to them. Include things like the specific problem you baby offer solves, features, benefits, and that your product is only available for a limited time.

STEP 5:  Introduce Your Core Product or Service

Now that your audience has met you, received a sample of the value you offer through your lead magnet, has purchased your baby offer/tripwire product, and you have built trust, it’s time to introduce them to your core product or service and convert them into a sale.

Final Thoughts & Ninja Tips:

  • Chances are when you start thinking about your bigger offer, you will start brainstorming all of the smaller lead magnets and tripwires you can create to attract a larger audience.  
  • When designing lead magnets and tripwires, repurpose and utilize smaller aspects of your bigger offering to entice your audience – this gives your audience a flavor of what they can expect when considering your larger offering.
  • Creating several lead magnets and tripwires working for you at the same time will help you expedite the growth of your list and convert sales.

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