My 3 Step Process For Categorizing Your Hashtags for More Exposure On Instagram

Are you using the same hashtags over and over again and getting the same results? That’s a sign that your hashtag strategy has become a crash-tag strategy. Your hashtags are old, tired, and aren’t reaching anyone new. My 3 step process for categorizing your hashtags for more exposure on Instagram will help you break your plateau resulting in you gaining more followers and exposure.

Here’s how it works.

STEP 1: Creating Categories.

The first step in this process is to come up with categories that describe your ideal client. Who are you trying to attract or who do you specialize in helping? For example, here are some categories of people I am trying to attract:


  • SEO professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Marketing coaches
  • Brainstorm all the categories you can think of and put them on the list.

STEP 2:  Categories

Create a hashtag list for each category. Start researching hashtags within your category. Instagram is a wonderful tool for this! To do this,

  • Navigate to the magnifying glass
  • Tap on the search bar
  • Toggle over to “tags”
  • Start your search
  • Instagram will suggest hashtags based on the hashtag you type in the search section.
  • Pick a series of hashtags that are popular, moderately popular, and not so popular. Read this post to learn why [LINK]. Note that it is not necessary to add 30 hashtags per category – see step 3.

STEP 3:  Mix it up.

Use a sampling from each hashtag category when adding hashtags to your Instagram posts. Instagram gives you the opportunity to use 30 hashtags in your posts…my advice is to use them all to get the maximum exposure and reach as possible.

Final Thoughts

Hashtags shouldn’t be approached with a “fix it and forget it” attitude. Take the time to revisit your hashtags to see which are performing and which can use a little help.

Happy ‘Gramming!

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