Getting Unstuck

Has this ever happened to you?  You get stuck, stuck in your business.  No matter what you do, you sit still, unable to move – forward or backward.  Since there is no movement in your business, it’s hard, really hard to stay motivated or even creative.  Your business’ life depends on you getting unstuck. The more you stay stuck, the more traction your business loses.  But, how do you do it, how do you get unstuck – especially when the creative flow is gone? In this post, we will explore 4 things to help you get unstuck and back on track with your business.

Recognize Why You Are Stuck

Take a look at what is really the culprit of you being stuck.  Is it:

  • Fear?  
  • Does the task at hand seem too overwhelming or complicated?  
  • Is the job/project/task boring?  
  • All of the above?  

Once you recognize why you are stuck in your business, you can fix it.  When you don’t know what you are dealing with, it can be difficult to know how to move forward.  Identify what the cause is and take action to resolve it.


Just Get Started

Sometimes we just fall out of the flow.  Falling out of flow can be caused by so many things.  Things that cause many to fall out of flow are a break in routine, vacations, illness, etc.  When this happens, it’s important to just get started. Get back up on the bike again and get peddling sooner rather than later.  Your journey may be slow and wobbly at the start but at least you will be making more progress than staying stuck in a standstill.  Something to consider…when you fall out of flow, other things like fear, complicated tasks, overwhelm, etc. see the opportunity to add themselves to the mix.  Be careful of that happening to you. Because of this, it is important for you to get back on track quickly.


Take a Break

Being stuck can be the universe telling you to take a break.  Taking a break, changing your scenery, and interacting with people can help bring the creativity, excitement, and motivation back to your professional life.



Being tuned into what everyone else is doing in your industry can cause you to stall.  Limit your time on social media or scouring the internet to see what everyone else is doing.  Take inventory of what you believe to be the right thing to do for your business and take action on those things.  Know what your industry and competition are doing is helpful, but when you become consumed with it, it can be detrimental to your goals.


Work During Your Genius Hours

For those who have been following me for a while know that I am not a morning person.  My best work comes later in the day (starting around 3 pm) and into the night.  Forcing myself to be creative in the early hours is not a good plan for me.  If I do force myself to be creative in the mornings, it usually takes me twice as long to get things done.  Recognizing this about myself gives me the opportunity to plan my day, maximizing and making the most out of my creative hours and saving repetitive, menial tasks for first thing in the morning.

What do you do to help you get unstuck?  Share your strategies in the comment section!

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