Forget Struggling With Social Media Content Ideas! Instead, Try This!

Coming up with social media content ideas can be exhausting, taxing, and just plain hard.  Forget struggling with social media content ideas!  Instead, try this!  Content Pillars!  What’s a content pillar?  I know you have heard the term before.  People in the digital marketing space throw that term around a lot.  It’s one of those terms that sounds pretty self-explanatory but when you get down to really mapping out what a content pillar is, it’s a little deeper than it sounds. Ready to learn exactly what you need to know to develop your content pillars?  If you said yes, Let’s Dive In!


It’s time to get off the struggle bus my friend and dive into a strategy that will help you generate content for days.


Defining Content Pillars

Content pillars are 3-5 topics that you spend the most time talking about in your business.  They are the foundational pieces or the bread and butter to your business.  Let’s take a look at what that may look like for various industries:


Real Estate:
  • Buying A House
  • Selling A House
  • Area/Local Expertise
  • Understanding Mortgages


Divorce Attorney:
  • Child Custody/Sharing
  • Mediation
  • Asset Division


  • Aging Skin
  • Acne
  • Reactive Skin
  • Skin Care Routines

One other pillar you may want to include regardless of your industry is FAQs from your audience or customers. 

Now that you have the idea, jot down 3-5 content pillars for your business. What are the areas of your business that you focus on the most?

I Have My Topics, Now What?

Now that you have your content pillar topics it’s time to start brainstorming.  Open up a spreadsheet or a Trello Board and create 3-5 columns (Trello Lists), one for each of your content pillar topics.


Under each pillar topic, start brainstorming sub-topics or content ideas.  Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • What to do when _______ 
    • What to when your former spouse isn’t following the divorce agreement
  • You know it’s time to __________ when __________
    • You know it’s time to see an esthetician when your breakouts won’t go away.
  • Tired of struggling with _______?  
    • Tired of struggling with your house not selling?  Do this instead!
  • 3 things every __________ should know before they _____________
    • 3 things every parent should know before they get divorced.
  • These 3 signs means it’s time to _______________
    • These 3 signs means it’s time to get a facial.
  • 3 __________ tools that will change your life when ___________
    • 3 real estate tools that will change your life when you go to sell your house.

Social Media Prompt Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get the ball rolling.  There are certain places I go to look for prompts.  When I see something that looks juicy, my wheels start turning and I think…how can I apply this to my business/Industry and make it appealing to my audience. 

Here’s a list of some of my favorite prompt inspiration resources:

  • The checkout line at the grocery store…seriously!  Look at the magazines and read the titles of articles they are trying to capture your attention with.
  • YouTube video titles
  • Pinterest titles
  • Podcast titles
  • Blog post titles


Hopefully you have some good ideas and you are coming up with some juicy ideas!  Good luck and let me know in the comments some of the topics you will be using.


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