Fall In LOVE With Your analytics – Learn How to Read Your Social Media Analytics and Know What to Look For

Analytics.  Such a technical term.  In fact, it can be a little intimidating!  So intimidating that you may be inclined to look the other way and ignore your analytics.  This post will help you fight your fear of diving into the details. Seriously! You will begin to fall in love with your analytics once you learn how to read your social media analytics and know what to look for.


Let’s Dive In!


A little secret about me.  Whenever I would hear technical terms like “analytics”, “ROI,” “metrics,” or even something as innocuous as “trends,” I would shrink away…feeling like I wasn’t smart enough, important enough, or my business wasn’t big enough to warrant me taking the time to understand.  When I first started out over 10 years ago, I thought analytics, trends, etc. were reserved for the BIG GUNS. The mega-influencer or the BIG brands. UGH! Can you say “limiting beliefs”??? DON’T fall into that trap. Learn from me. Discover the metrics to use and pay attention to, to help you with your marketing efforts.  Without them, you will be wasting time and energy on the wrong content, strategies, and tactics. Oh, and by the way, in this post, we are going far beyond likes and follows. Actually, we aren’t even going to address likes and follows in this post. Why? Because, they aren’t going to get you where you need to go!

Finding Your Analytics

Finding where your data is hiding is half the battle.  On Instagram and Facebook, analytics are referred to as “Insights.”  


Now that you know what you are looking for, it’s time to fight the other half of the battle.  Understanding what each analytic is/means. You may want to bookmark this post so that you can refer to it as a cheat sheet.


What it is:  The number of unique views a post gets.


Why it is important:  It measures brand awareness and exposure.  The more unique accounts that see your post, the more your brand is gaining exposure and awareness.



What it is: The total amount of times a post was seen (even if the same person viewed it over and over)


Why it is important:  It measures how important your content is to your audience.  If your audience is viewing the same piece of content over and over again.  It indicates that your content is highly valuable to them.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

What it is:  This is the amount of times people click on a link you provide.


Why it is important:  It tells you that people want what’s next from and that they want to dive deeper with you.  They have real interest in what you have to say and what you are offering. Even better, they want to learn what you have to offer and possibly how they can work with you in the future.



What it is:  This one is fairly self-explanatory.  This is the amount of times your post has been saved.


Why it is important:  It means your audience is picking up what you are dropping down.  If you are getting a lot of saves on a particular post, look at the post a little more closely.  Ask yourself how you can create more of that type of content for your audience. Here is an example.  Every Monday I create a mini-training for my audience.  It is by far the most popular type of post on my account.  It gets the most view, likes, shares and SAVES!!! In fact, many of my audience members will reach out to me and tell me how much they appreciate the mini-trainings I provide each week and they can’t wait for the next one to drop.  Since my mini-trainings are the posts that get the most traction on my account, I make sure to never miss a Monday!



What it is:  This is the amount of times your post has been shared with other people.


Why it is important:  It means your content is super-valuable, so much so that your audience risks their reputation to share it publicly with people they know.  Think about it. The content people share reflects on themselves and their brand. No one wants to share content that makes them look bad or even worse,  content that’s inaccurate or not useful.


Profile Views

What it is:  [Instagram] How many times people visit your profile via a specific post


Why it is important:  You got someone’s attention AND they want to check out what else you have to offer.  Take a look at the type of content you provided and explore reasons why the post drove them to want to learn more about you (maybe it was the opportunity to download a freebie, schedule a discovery call, etc.).  If you can see a trend or pattern in the type of content that drives people to your profile, try to create more of that type of content because it usually leads to a link click (see the paragraph dedicated to CTR for more info).


Engagement Rate

What it is:  Measures how much your audience interacts with your content through likes, comments, saves, and shares.


Why it is important:  It gives you an idea how important your content is to your audience.  The higher your engagement rate is, the more valuable your content is.  When your engagement rate is high, other analytic metrics increase like reach.


How to calculate it:  This is one analytic that you will need to do manually.  There are several ways to calculate it. My favorite calculation is: 


Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments/Followers) x 100 = %


Hopefully this post was helpful and that it cleared up any confusion you had when it comes to analytics and insights.  It’s my goal to break things down in the easiest way possible, making what seems complicated much easier to understand.  Do you still have questions about analytics and insights that I didn’t cover here? Drop them in the comment section. I would love to answer those questions for you!

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