Episode 38 – Leland Jones Defining Your Vision, Purpose & Goals

Have you ever wanted to get serious about setting a vision and accomplishing your goals? I know I have but have gotten lost along the way. Well, today, you are in for such a treat. Today I am interviewing Leland Jones. He will take us through the process of setting a vision and he will give us the steps we need to achieve our goals. Get ready to be motivated, The Lora Shipman show starts right now!

Ready to take Leland up on his challenge? Here’s a link to his Facebook page so you know who to tag https://www.facebook.com/Lelandjones99 

Leland’s websit3 www.multimotivation.com
Leland’s Facebook group for a FREE eBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2560301667329516/
Leland’s email:speakerlelandjones@gmail.com
Leland’s books
A Journey with Purpose I
A Journey with Purpose II
The Purpose Creation Booklet (FREE give away)

Check out this episode!

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