Do You Really Need To Be On That Social Media Channel? 5 Questions to help you determine if you really need that new social media account

Joining a social media platform for your business is a BIG commitment.  If you are not active or consistent with the content and connecting with users on the platform, your brand can pay the price!  Before you go jumping into the next new social media platform, ask yourself “Do You Really Need To Be On That Social Media Channel? 5 Questions to help you determine if you really need that new social media account!”  

  • Is it a new fad?

New social media channels and apps are popping up all the time.  The natural tendency is for businesses to jump onto the next shiny app, hoping to get a burst or boost in their business.  Before you jump, determine if the new app you are flirting with is a fad or something that is here to stay. Not sure how to determine the app’s fad factor?  Read on.

  • Are your ideal clients or customers really hanging out there?

Take a look at the social media app in question…very closely.  Determine who is using the app, investigating the primary demographics of the app.  For example, if your ideal customer is a female between the ages of 25 – 55, loves to cook, into fashion, and adores DIY projects, Pinterest is a natural choice.  But, if your ideal customer is a male sports fanatic between the ages of 18 – 65 and is looking for play by play score updates, sports commentary, and opinion, Twitter is where you will want to invest some time.


  • Does the social media channel align with your brand and its core values?

Aligning your brand with social media apps is just as important as aligning your brand with the right caliber of employees.  The social media platform you align yourself with impacts how people relate to your brand. The social media platforms you are active on sends a message about your brand.  People will make a prediction about how your brand will interact with them based on the type of social media platform you are choosing to use.

  • Are you and your team really ready to manage this new platform?

When determining which social media platforms you need to be active on, understand the time needed to:

– Produce graphics

– How often you will need to post (5 times a day (think Twitter) versus once a day

– Responds to comments, shares, direct messages, and reactions

– Update regularly

  • What is the potential ROI of joining this network?

Investigate the potential ROI of the social network.  To do this, first determine why you are joining the social network.  Things you can measure are:

– Followers (indicates an increase in brand awareness)

– Website traffic

– Phone calls

– Instant/direct messages (DMs)

– Landing page clicks

– Freebie downloads

– Email opt-ins

Now that you’ve asked the questions, tally up the answers.  If it appears you would benefit from the platform, then jump in, two feet, and make the commitment.  If you’re on the fence, pause and reconsider the social app at a later date.

Good luck and stay social!

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