Do You Know About Facebook Pods?

The Facebook algorithm really shook things up in 2018.  After the algorithm changed, many businesses found it difficult and continue to find it difficult to get the organic reach they used to get.  There is a strategy you can use in order to get improved organic reach. The strategy is Facebook Pods.


What is a Facebook Pod?

A Facebook pod is made up of a group of 5 people who work together to increase the organic reach on their posts.


Improving Facebook Reach Through Engagement

To improve reach, a Facebook post must have high engagement in order to be recognized by the algorithm.  When a post illustrates high engagement, the Facebook algorithm labels the post as a post of high value and pushes it out to more people.  Here’s where the Facebook pod comes into the picture! The members of the pod work together as a team to achieve more organic reach by:

  • Engaging with each other’s posts
  • Adding value and comments to pod posts
  • Sharing pod posts to their individual audiences through their personal newsfeed to expand the reach of the post


Here’s How – Facebook Pod Directions:

  1. Bring together a group of 5 people including yourself who are ready to increase Facebook engagement for each other
  2. Assign each person a day of the week (Monday – Friday)
  3. On your assigned day, message your pod teammates asking them to engage with a specific post on your Facebook business page by:
    • Reacting to the post without using the thumbs up reaction (the thumbs up button doesn’t carry as much weight as the other reactions)
    • Writing a meaningful/positive comment of 5 words or more in the comment section of the post
    • Sharing the post to their timeline as well as including a lead-in comment like:  I am sharing this with you because…(leave a meaningful reason why you are sharing it on your timeline)


Once you get your pod up and running you will begin to see the benefit of being in a pod.  Some of the benefits you may experience as being part of a pod include:

  • Exposure to new people on Facebook who you would have never been in front of before
  • Further organic reach
  • New page likes
  • New connections
  • New business

Ready to get started with a Facebook pod?  Start looking at your Facebook friends and reach out to those who you think will make the commitment to the pod.


Good luck!


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