CLICKS – 6 Things You Need To Craft Amazing Post Content

I absolutely love acronyms!  They help me remember things easily.  In this blog post, I am going to share with you the acronym I use to craft amazing post content.  The acronym is: CLICKS – 6 things you need to craft amazing post content. Why did I call it CLICKS?  In the end, that’s what we all want! We want CLICKS to our websites, CLICKS to our sales page, CLICKS to purchase, CLICKS to our sign-up page, and the list goes on.

So how do we get CLICKS?  Let’s dive in and I will show you!

The first “C” in our acronym is for Creating Captivating Media

It’s time to take a GOOD look at the media you are using for your social media posts. Take a look at it and determine if your content is interesting and captivating by asking yourself these questions about the media you are using:

  • Are you providing a good mix of media meaning, are you including photos, video, audio, boomerangs (repetitive loop imaging) in your content?
  • Does your media have a brand personality? Is it content that looks and feels like you by incorporating brand colors, style, environment or feel. For example, is your brand light and airy, or BOLD and strong, playful, or conservative and does the media you choose reflect how you want your brand portrayed?

Take a look at your answers and then mix it up where you need to.

Like-able Content

Are you creating content that your audience will like and respond to?  Value is what audiences crave – don’t waste their time, give them useful information.  Some of the best content you can provide your audience is content that:

  • Educates – teach them something
  • Inspires – make your audience feel good (we can all use a lot of that)
  • Entertains – if your audience comes to you for an escape through storytelling and humor, don’t be shy
  • Rewards – share freebies, coupon codes, downloads, etc.

Irresistible Hook

Discovering what draws your audience into your post is critical!  Here are some tips to help you figure out what the hook is for your audience:

  • Content that is interesting from your audience’s point of view not yours.  Instead of coming from a selling perspective, put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  If you were them, what would interest you? If you don’t know or you are too close to your business, ask a trusted source to help you with this.  Ask a client, customer, friend, mentor, etc. to help you take a step away from your business and focus on the audience and what they need.
  • Appeal to your audience’s personal radio station WIIFM “What’s In It For Me?  In order to make an impact your content must be all about your audience, not about you.  When you create a piece of content, look at it critically and ask yourself “Why would my audience care?”  “What does my audience get out of it?”
  • Give them a quick win!  If someone can experience a quick transformation or win – you win!
  • Make your hook memorable.  Use statistics, an amazing outcome, FOMO (fear of missing out but without selling), pique their curiosity, leave them wanting more

Clear Call to Action or CTA

Your audience needs to be told what to do next.  Don’t make them guess or find it easy to scroll to the next post.  Remember social media platforms fight to keep audiences on the platform…our job is to move them to an arena where we can nurture a relationship with them.  Examples of CTAs to use can be:

  • REGISTER NOW:  Ask them to sign up to your email list
  • TRY IT FOR FREE:  Invite them to download your latest freebie
  • JOIN US:  Ask them to join a Facebook group you host
  • LET’S TALK:  Invite them to chat with you on a video call
  • SEND A DM:  Encourage a conversation through direct messaging

Kickass Click-Throughs

When you provide a link for your audience, make it count.  Send them to pages that are highly valuable. Remember, tune into their personal radio station we talked about before:  WIIFM “What’s In It For Me” if I click through. Ask yourself…if you were them, would you make the effort to click through and why?

Shareable Content

One of the best ways we can turn on the algorithm for our brand is to provide extremely shareable content.  To ensure your content is shareable, make sure it provides the following:

  • It makes the person who is sharing the content look really good.  Like they have the inside info!
  • The information contained in the post is practical and usable.
  • The is a promise of reward or a quick win like we talked about earlier
  • It’s easy to consume – there is not a lot of extra writing, the author is talking in bullet points making the content scannable
  • The content is something that is truly interesting to your audience

CLICKS is the method to use to generate amazing content.  I hope this was helpful! Do you have questions about CLICKS?  Put them in the comment section below.

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