Checklist For Getting Authentic Social Media Engagement

If there is anything we have learned about social media algorithms, it’s that they LOVE authentic engagement between the content creator and their audience.  So, what’s the secret to getting engagement? In this blog post, I am sharing with you my checklist for getting authentic social media engagement.

Let’s dive in!

Engagement Defined:

Before you can create content that generates authentic engagement, you need to know what engagement is.  Engagement includes any interaction that takes place on a post like:

  • Likes
  • Follows
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Click-throughs


You can also calculate your engagement rate to measure how well you are doing.  Below is the formula needed to calculate the engagement rate for each post you create:

Total Likes, Comments and Shares / Followers x 100

Now that we know what engagement is and how to measure it, how do you make sure you are getting quality engagement on your posts?  Below is my checklist of top ingredients needed to encourage engagement.

Worthwhile Content

Engagement will only occur if your content is worthy of it.  Posting for posting sake will not get you anywhere. Your content must be good.  Really good. It has to provide value and fall into one of the categories of providing education, inspiration, entertainment, or reward your audience in some way.  



Audiences need to know what to do after they experience your post.  Giving your audience a call to action (CTA) with every post will increase the chances of them engaging with your posts.  CTAs can look like this:

  • Visit my website to learn more, download my report, etc.
  • Send me a message if you have questions
  • Like this post, if you agree

You get the idea, tell your audience what they can do next.

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Engagement Prompts

Consider weaving engagement prompts into your post to get the conversation started.  Open-ended questions that allow people to share their opinions work really well. Engagement prompts can look like:

  • “What are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comment section”
  • “Do you agree?  Let me know why or why not in the comment section”
  • “How do you solve this problem?”
  • “What tips do you have?”

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Use Platform Features That Are Built For Engagement

Social media platforms are designed to encourage engagement.  Posting content in the regular feed is no longer good enough. Instead, use the tools provided to encourage engagement.  Some of the tools that are designed with engagement in mind are:

  • Video
  • Stories
  • Direct Messaging
  • Live Broadcasts

Use more of the above features and see if your engagement rate rises.  Do a solid test where you use these tools consistently for a minimum of 30 days before you decide they don’t work.

Start implementing the tips listed above and let me know how your social media engagement changes.  Are there tips or tools you use that I didn’t mention here? Post them in the comment section, I would love to hear them!

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