Behind The Curtain and Sharing My Secret Sauce

Behind The Curtain and Sharing My Secret Sauce

Behind The Curtain and Sharing My Secret SaucePeople ask me all the time, “how do you do it?”  People want to know how I am able to get everything done, grow my business, serve my clients, host a podcast and have a life outside of work.  The answer people want to hear is MUCH different from what a day in the life of Lora actually looks like. People want the silver bullet…the one thing that you can do to make it happen.  Spoiler alert…there is no silver bullet. But…I will share what works for me. Today I am going behind the curtain and sharing my secret sauce with you.  


The secret sauce is not going to be edgy, it’s not sexy, and most people won’t do what I do.  Truthfully, my work life can be tedious and far from glamorous. Most days you will find me, working alone at my desk, in my home office or on my couch.  


“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t”
― Jerry Rice


Let’s Dive In!

The Ingredients Needed For My Secret Sauce…

Ingredient #1:  Discipline and Dedication

This ingredient in my secret sauce is probably the most important.  To many on the outside, it probably looks like things just “happen.”  But, behind the scenes, there are a lot of isolated days (I work from home, alone with my dogs) late nights, lots of time with my laptop, taking phone calls after hours, and working on weekends.  Sure, there are plenty of times that I would rather turn on Netflix and binge-watch the latest series obsession I have or elect to go shopping. But, I choose not to. I choose to use my time more wisely so that I meet deadlines, create the content, plan the quarter, etc. 

I believe discipline and dedication is the foundation for designing the schedule I want and the flexibility I crave.  But, it’s ingredient number two that makes it come to fruition.  

Ingredient #2:  Batching

I’m going to come right out and say it.  I BATCH LIKE A BOSS! Batching my work has made the discipline and dedication part above easier.  When I batch write four blogs in a row, create content for all my clients in a two day span for the upcoming month, it miraculously provides me with more time which allows me to be with my family, walk with my BFF, launch something new in my business, binge watch my favorite series on Netflix or go on an impromptu cruise with my husband for a week, or spend the day at the beach with my girlfriends in the middle of the week.

The funny thing about batching is this…When you batch your work, you tend to work more efficiently and faster – you get more accomplished in less time.  Pinky-swear! Try it…you will thank me later.

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Ingredient #3:  Staying Educated

Life in the social media world moves quickly.  It seems like there is a new strategy, tactics, or platform that launches daily.  To stay on top of all things social, I subscribe to podcasts, watch YouTube, read articles, read books, follow key Instagram accounts and purchase training programs.  I also belong to some mastermind groups that help to keep me in the know! The more you educate yourself, the higher quality your work becomes, allowing you to charge more.

Ingredient #4:  Doing What You Say You Will, and, Actually Delivering On It

It seems so simple enough but you would be amazed at the number of people who just say things because they believe it is what the other person wants to hear, they don’t know how to say no, or because they believe it makes them look good.


Ingredient #5:  Networking

I have been in business since 2007 and have never done any advertising.  Ever. All of my business has come from by-word-of-mouth recommendations.  When someone can confidently recommend you as the go-to person in your field, you win!  Today, it’s not enough to be networking in one place. To ensure I have as many feelers out as possible, I network both in-person and online.  

Lora Shipman Behind The Curtain and Sharing My Secret SauceIngredient #6:  Giving It Away For Free

It has always been a practice of mine to give things of high value away for free.  People think I am crazy to put everything I know out there without a price tag attached to it.  I say you’re crazy not to! Here’s why. Giving away your information for FREE:

  • Develops trust
  • Develops credibility 
  • Positions you as the expert or go-to person for your niche and industry

These three things, (trust, credibility, and expertise) are critical to your business.  They are needed to develop your brand, your personal brand, and your reputation.


So, that’s my secret sauce.  Consistent work that provides value.  It’s not edgy, sexy, or glamorous but it works for me and my business. 

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