8 Ways To Overcome Overwhelm

It happens.  As small business owners and entrepreneurs, the opportunity for overwhelm is…well, overwhelming!  There are so many demands on our time which makes it easy for us to fall into the pit of overwhelm. As the holiday’s fast approach, it can be even easier for overwhelm to strike.  There are some things you can do to combat overwhelm when you feel it begin to bubble up. Get ready to dive in, 8 ways to overcome overwhelm is coming at ya now!


  1. Prioritize

When things seem to be coming at you all at once, take the time to make a list and prioritize what really matters.  Write it all down and really scrutinize what will make a difference in your life and business. Focus on the most important and delay the stuff that truly can wait.


  1. Quit

When I say quit, I really mean unsubscribe.  Our inboxes can cause us a ton of stress! Subscription emails tend to take up a lot of room in my mailbox and make me feel like I can never get to the coveted place of “inbox 0.”  There is a pretty cool tool that can help you unsubscribe from subscription-based emails. It’s called Unroll.me.  You will thank me later!


  1. Say NO

Admittedly, I am not the best at this but, I am getting better.  Trying to be everywhere all the time is unrealistic and interferes with your goals.  When accepting an invitation to participate in an event, meeting, etc., make sure it the event is one that will help you reach your goals.


  1. Take a Break

Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for your stress level.  A 15-minute walk with your dog, away from the phone and computer can not only destress you but increase creativity, productivity, and boost your mood.


  1. Take a Break From Social Media

Constantly watching what other people are doing in the business and in their lives contributes to your state of overwhelm and you might not even realize it!  When watching your competition or others in your niche market on social media, your mind is working in the background analyzing whether you should be engaging in similar strategies, tactics, or projects.  Subconsciously, you are adding more and more to your to-do list and plate. Take a hiatus from social media to focus on your business instead of someone else’s.


  1. Embrace Airplane Mode

This is one of my favorite ways to focus and get the ish done!  To get this working for you completely, turn airplane mode on, on your cell phone and turn your computer notifications to do not disturb (DND).  It’s pure heaven! Once the interruptions stop, you can really get things accomplished.


  1.  Work At The Right Time

Timing is everything!  I am a firm believer that we each have a block of time during our day that is our genius zone.  The time of day where you are the most creative, productive, and it’s easy for you to get into your groove.  For many, it’s first thing in the morning. For me, it’s late afternoon – early evening. My brain is just too fuzzy first thing in the morning.  Whatever time of day it is for you, respect that time and use tip #6 to maximize it!


  1. Do You

Make time for yourself and do the things that make you happy, at peace, and relaxed.  Whether it’s getting your nails done, going to the gym, or having lunch with a friend, it can really help you conquer the state of overwhelm.


Final thoughts…

Over the years I have learned that overwhelm is like a monster that wants to feed.  Once overwhelm starts to bubble up, the feeling tends to feed on itself. The more it feeds, the more intense overwhelm feels.  The best way to fight overwhelm is to break its rhythm. While in the thick of it, it may not make sense to you to take a break, in fact, it may even seem counterproductive.  That’s what the “overwhelm monster” wants you to believe. Once you take a break and come back to your work with a clear head, your work doesn’t seem as huge or daunting as it once did.  Try it and let me know what happens.

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