8 Things You Should Have On Your Social Media Content Calendar

Has this ever happened to you?  Monday rolls around and suddenly you have NOTHING to post on social media.  Your creative flow has dried up and it’s coming close to 4pm and you haven’t made an appearance…anywhere.  Enter the one social media tool I couldn’t live without… my content calendar! It is the one tool that helps work me ahead and stay ahead so I am not feeling overwhelmed, overworked and frankly, over it!  So, what exactly goes into a content calendar? Today I am going to share 8 things you should have on your social media content calendar.


Monthly Focus

Something that will help you stay organized and creative is to include a monthly theme that aligns with your overall messaging for the month.  The theme can be what is seasonal for your business during the month, your business goals for the month, or what is on trend (think holidays – love for valentines day, luck for the month of March, etc.).


Holidays/National Days

Take the time to identify any major holidays during the month and create posts to celebrate the day.  You might also want to see what types of fun holidays are coming up for the month. Examples are “national ice cream day” or “national tooth fairy day (yes, it’s a thing).”

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Product/Service Launches

Note the launch date of any special products or services on your calendar and create a content strategy leading up to it to generate buzz and excitement.


Ephemeral Content Ideas

Include content ideas for Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat stories.  Have you ever notice at the end of the day that you have forgotten to post on stories?  If it is included in your content calendar, it will help you stay consistent.


Live Broadcasts

Scheduling in topic ideas for live broadcasts will also help you stay consistent when it comes to longer-form video content.



Include a space for hashtags you will use on each of your Instagram and Twitter posts.  Don’t forget to change them up. Using the same hashtags over and over again will limit your growth potential and could even flag your account as being spammy (think shadow-banning on Instagram).

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URL Link

Include links to where you want your audience to visit after they read your post.


Written Content

Include the written content that goes along with your graphic/image including emojis.  This makes for an easy for you to copy/paste the content into the post or into a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer.


Link to Social Media Content Graphic

Make it easy for you and your team to grab the graphic that goes along with your written content by using a shared file link to the image or artwork.


Those are just a few of the essentials that you should include in your content calendar.  It sounds like it can be a monster of a document (and it can be) but, there is good news! There are lots of ways for you to organize the information you will be pulling from.  Below is a list of some apps you can use to organize your calendar.


Tools For Creating Content Calendars

There are lots of ways to crack the content calendar nut.  My advice is to find the one that works best for you and your team.  Below is a list of tools you may want to explore:

  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Google Sheets (great for team collaboration)
  • Trello (great for team collaboration)
  • Printed blank monthly calendar


Not sure how to get started?  I created a template that you can replicate for your own use on either an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets.  Get access to it by clicking HERE.

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