8 Things You Need to Craft a Killer Instagram Bio In 2020 (Psssst! You Can Apply This To Any Social Media Platform)

Let’s make 2020 the year of the bio!  Your social media bio is the gateway to more engaged and targeted followers. When you mix together key ingredients to craft a killer bio you, your account, and your audience win!  Ready to start crafting? Dive into 8 Things You Need to Craft a Killer Instagram Bio In 2020 (Psssst! You Can Apply This To Any Social Media Platform)


Game on 2020! Let’s dive in!

Be PUBLIC, NOT Private

If you are in business and you set your social media account to private, it’s like having a brick and mortar store and keeping it closed during business hours. Make it easy for your audience to connect with you. People are busy and they don’t want to jump through hoops to connect with you and your business. In fact, the more barricades you put up, the quicker you will chase an audience away. Instead, be open to new connections!  If you have a private account you maintain for your business, I would be interested in hearing from you why you keep your privacy settings so tight. Leave me a message in the comments section of this post.


Instagram Name & Username

This is one area that is specific to Instagram.  You have the opportunity to have both a username and a “name” on your Instagram account.  Your username is the name that you use to login to Instagram.

Tips for selecting a username (the name you use to log into Instagram):

  • Keep in mind usernames are searchable
  • Make sure your username is branded to your business
  • Consider using your business name or something related to your product or service

Tips for selecting a “name” for your Instagram account.  

The “name” section appears under the user name in searches and launches your bio.  In this area I recommend using your first name and a business descriptor. For example, my “name” is LORA | Social Media Tips.  When I show up in searches and follower lists, people get a mini-intro of who I am and how I help. This helps people begin to feel as though they know you.  When people know you and feel familiar, they tend to find it easier to do business with you.  


IMPORTANT:  Your “name” is also searchable.  By including keywords about your business in this area, you are able to connect with people looking for your product or service.


At the time of this post, both your username and name can be edited and changed as many times as you would like.  As your business evolves and grows, your username and name can as well.

Profile Picture

Initially, it may sound like a good idea to use your logo as your profile picture.  It’s my opinion that you use your picture. It all goes back to know, like, and trust.  Remember, your profile picture, your user name, and your name are the first things people see when they stumble across your account.  When you make those items more personal, your audience has something to relate to and they feel like they know you.  


Tips for creating the best profile picture:

  • Get a professional headshot done – it’s worth the investment!
  • Make sure the picture is well lit and in focus
  • Go for a headshot rather than a full body shot – the profile picture is very small.  Should you decide to use a full length shot of you, your face will be very small and detail will be lost.

Fill Out All The Boxes

When creating a bio for any social media platform, it is important not to take shortcuts.  Many times I stumble across profiles and see where people skip filling out certain sections of the profile leaving me to wonder what exactly they do.  Or, they complete this section with a string of emojis. While it’s important to add personality to your bio with emojis, it’s also just as important not to keep people guessing about who you are and what you do, and how you can help.

Clear “I help Statement” 

Depending on the social media platform, you will have roughly between 120-150 characters to describe who you are and how you can help.  Keep it simple and basic. In this area, it’s important not to get creative with your words. 


My I help statement is: 

I help people master social media thru daily tips freebies & mini-trainings


It’s simple, basic, and you know what you are going to get when you visit my account.  Take the time to craft something that:

  • Aligns with the goals of your business (my business goal is to be seen as an authority in my field)
  • Attracts the type of audience members you are looking for (I want to attract people who are new to social media or struggling with making an impact)
  • Allows your audience know what type of value they can expect from your account (my audience can expect to receive trainings, tips, and social media best practices)

Be connectable – list phone number, email 

Don’t keep this a secret!  Let your audience know the best way to connect with you.  I recommend being as detailed as possible. I share my email, phone number, and my PO Box address.  My audience knows exactly how to reach me and that’s a great thing to have in place, especially if you are interested in growing your business.


Best Link 

Give your audience members a reason to take action.  Get them clicking on your website by sending them to a page on your website that provides great value!  Pro tip – select 1 page on your website that lists all of your important links. The link I use sends people to my website where they can connect to my blog, podcast and get a vault of free resources which also helps to grow my email list.  See my example here: https://lorashipman.com/resources/


If you have enough characters left in your bio, consider adding a branded hashtag to your bio.  In almost every social media situation, hashtags are both searchable and clickable. When people click on your branded hashtag, it will send you to a collection of posts stored under that hashtag.  My branded hashtag is #SocialMediaMadeEasy. If your hashtag is a string of words like mine, I suggest capitalizing each word so that it is easy for your audience to read.

Final Thoughts

Your bio is your first introduction to your audience.  Make it count! Take the time to make the introduction an impactful one that helps your audience not only connect with you but also one that adds value.  


Do you have questions about your bio?  Hit me up in the comment section. I am happy to help!

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