8 Things Needed to Build A Strong Social Media Foundation That Gets Results!

Are you ready to get your social media accounts turned around and get them producing the results you have always hoped for?  Then this blog post is for you!  We will explore the 8 things needed to build a strong social media foundation that gets results!


Let’s Dive In!


Today we are truly going to start from the beginning – with the basics.  I think if you wrap your head around what social media is and how you can use it best, it will solve a lot of the issues you may have experienced with social media in the past.  Some of the biggest issues people have with social media are: 

  • Social media just doesn’t work
  • It’s not working because I don’t have enough followers
  • How do I get Insta-famous?  Or When I get Insta-famous I will be making bank!
  • No one is seeing my stuff
  • Nothing is selling on social
  • Social media is exhausting – I feel like I am always on my phone or laptop posting and my business is suffering because of it
  • And the list goes on


Have you said or experienced any of what I just mentioned?  I am sure you have!  Let’s fix that right now!


First things first, we need to understand what social media is versus what social media is not.

What social media is…

In my opinion social media is a free platform which allows us to:

  • build brand awareness, 
  • connect and build relationships with customers and potential customers, 
  • build a brand culture and a brand voice, 
  • showcase and highlight the products and services our businesses provide
  • Build know, like, and trust

All of these things are accomplished through the content we deliver on social media.

What social media is not…

It is my belief that social media is not a mechanism to continually sell.  While sales and advertisements do take place on social media it’s not the sole purpose of social media.  When brands, businesses and companies see social media as solely a sales function, the efforts turn into noise.  


I also believe that social media should play a supporting role to your overall marketing plan.  It should not be the marketing plan.  Instead, your marketing plan should be one that is well rounded to include things like:

  • Email marketing
  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Direct mail
  • Referrals
  • Podcasting
  • Affiliates


Now that you have an idea of what social media is, it’s time to build a strong social media foundation.  

8 Things Needed to Build A Strong Social Media Foundation:

  1. Commitment to the process – It takes consistent effort to be successful.  Remember the magic is in the mundane.  Here are some strategies for creating commitment…
    • Carve out dedicated time for social media – this will help you stay consistent
    • Create a schedule for how often you will be posting
    • Determine who will be responsible for:
      • Creating content
      • Creating graphics
      • Manage engagement
  2. Knowing your customer and the social media platforms they frequent is incredibly important.  This is where you will spend the majority of your time.
  3. Start slow…grow one platform at a time and dominate it before you move on to another
  4. Goals – make sure you know what you are aiming for before you invest time into social media.  Consider these goals for your platform:
    • Website and landing page traffic designed to generate leads
    • Brand awareness
    • Building a network
  5. You must have a strategy – This is an important part of your social media presence.  We will be building a social media strategy in a future blog post, stay tuned!!!
  6. You’ve gotta know your numbers – understanding your analytics will reveal if the content you are producing is working and helping you reach the goals you have set for your social media accounts.
  7. Content is king – create a content plan for your business, product, service, or brand
    • To be successful on social media, you MUST have incredible, high-value content
    • You will know if your content is performing by your results.  The analytics you will review against the goals you have set for your account will tell the story of how your content is performing. 
    • If your content isn’t performing, it’s time to make a change
    • A well diversified content plan will include:
      • Live Video
      • Short-from video like stories
      • Pre-recorded video
      • Static feed posts
    • Post with purpose – avoid posting for the sake of posting.  Instead go for high-value, high-quality posts
    • To provide value consider keeping your posts tied to one of these categories:
      • Entertainment (unboxings, make them laugh, relatable posts)
      • Education (how to, diy, best practices, tips & tricks) 
      • Inspiration/feel-good posts
      • Rewards! Give them a reason to keep coming back
  8. If Content is KING, Engagement is QUEEN
    • Engagement is the one ingredient that lights up social media algorithms across the planet.  
      • Engagement can be a like, comment, or share that takes place on a single post
      • Your goal is to create content that generates all three.  I call it the social media hat trick
    • If your content is on point you will start seeing engagement
    • When the engagement starts, it’s important not to ignore it – this is the whole point of social media – to be social with your audience.
    • Make sure you respond to all of the comments in your feed – if you don’t have the time for engagement, you will fail at social media.  If time is an issue for you, consider giving this job to a Community Manager.  Yes, this is a real role.  This is either someone within your business, a VA, or someone you outsource to who represents your business well.  Someone who understands your culture, your goals, and your brand.
    • Remember:  Engagement is not a one-way street.  As much as you want engagement to pour in, you must ignite the fire by sharing the love on your target audiences posts.
    • Schedule 10 minutes every day to do nothing but like, comment, and share other peoples posts.  If you do this consistently, you will get the same in return
    • Be careful with comments:  They must be meaningful.  It doesn’t work if you drop an emoji.  Instead, take the time to leave a thoughtful comment that generates conversation.


Complete the Social Media Foundation Planner.  Download it by clicking HERE.

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