Lora Shipman Blog Post 8 Smart Strategies For A Winning Social Media Campaign

Smart Social Media Strategies For A Winning Campaign

Get ready to take notes!  I am excited to share with you 8 smart social media strategies for a winning campaign.  We have heard about the power of social media and we have seen some people who have had HUGE successes as a result of posting on social.  The biggest questions I get on a daily basis is:

“What are people doing to achieve BIG wins, lots of followers, and closed business on social media?”  

I will tell you their secrets…

  1. Defining a purpose for your social media accounts

The most successful accounts have a well thought out purpose for their social media account.  They have taken the time to determine how they will communicate their brand message to their audience.  Some popular ways to do this are through accounts that:

  • Motivate
  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Reward

Think about your most favorite accounts.  Why do you tune into these accounts on a daily basis?  What’s in it for you? For me, my most favorite accounts are those that teach me something practical…stuff that I can easily implement immediately.  Since I find such value in those types of accounts, I tend to approach my accounts in the same way…and it pays off!


  1. Ditch the pitch and start telling stories

People hate to be sold.  So, why do we think it will work on social media?  Afterall, the first word in social media is SOCIAL.  It’s not SELLING Media. The purpose of social media channels is to connect with others and build relationships.  One of the best ways to start relationships is to tell stories – small bite-sized pieces at a time.

Take some advice from Zig Ziglar, “Stop selling.  Start helping!” Once you start helping, the rest falls into place.  

  1. Engage!

Have you ever noticed the most popular accounts and posts on social media have loads of comments and shares?  Those posts with all the comments and shares tend to go viral.  One of the best things you can do for your social media accounts is to respond to each and every comment that lands on your account.  Respond with a thoughtful comment. Avoid using a thumbs up or a smiley face emoji as your comment. Get into a conversation with your audience.


  1. Use all the features

One of the best ways to make sure you are winning the social media algorithms is to use all the features the social media platform is offering.  Use the stories feature, live video, messenger, etc. The platforms created the features for your use, and, when you use them consistently, they reward you for it.


  1. Image is everything

When it comes to social media, clean, crisp, engaging images are what draws people into your account.  Many of the social media platforms offer filters and editing features to help you make the most out of your photos.  If there is one tip I could give you for making images look their best, it’s good lighting! When possible, place your subject in front of windows and avoid backlighting which can result in dark, grainy pictures.


  1. Video! Video! Video!

You had to know this would make my list!  Let’s face it, video is not going away. In fact, it is becoming more and more important to the social platforms.  Do your best to embrace video and overcome your fear/aversion to being in front of the camera. Your audience wants to hear from you and experience your solution to a problem that only you can solve.


  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords for your social media accounts!  If you haven’t done so already, create a list of hashtags you will use for your business and use them in your social media accounts.  Need help with creating a comprehensive hashtag list? I have dedicated both a blog post and a podcast to this topic.  Don’t miss them. Read the blog HERE, download the podcast HERE.


  1. Size Really Does Matter!

Many people make the mistake of using the same image size across all social media platforms.  This is a big mistake. Each platform has its own requirements for image sizes. What may work well on Instagram will get chopped up and cut off on Twitter.  Take the time to understand the size differences on all platforms and create images with those sizes in mind.



Consistency, time, and effort.  It’s not sexy or edgy, but its real.  You have to sit down, with your laptop and/or mobile device and create the content.  Without it, you won’t go anywhere. If you don’t have the time, energy, or creativity to come up with content on a consistent basis, ask for help.  Outsource this task and save your energy for your genius zone. Outsourcing your social media doesn’t need to cost an arm, a leg, and a pancreas.  You just need to find the right social media manager to help you within your budget parameters.  Not sure what to look for in a social media manager?  Download this checklist to help get the ball rolling.  Click here to download it now.

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