7 Tips To Make Your Live Broadcasts Even Better!

Going live…it’s essential to your overall content marketing plan.  Live broadcasts help to build trust with your audience, allow your audience to get to know you better and vice versa, and the algorithms love live content.  In today’s post, I am going to share with you 7 tips to make your live broadcasts even better!


Let’s dive in!



Live broadcasts are best when you have a plan in place and when you are consistent with your broadcasts.  Here are some things you can do to help you create a plan:

  • Brainstorm possible topics
  • Break topics down into 10 minute segments, broader more complex topics may need to be spread over several broadcasts
  • Prepare a schedule of when you will go live

Talk It Up!  Let Your Peeps Know When You Are Going Live

Let your audience know when you will go live!  Create posts on your social media feeds and stories to let people know:

  • When you intend to go live (date, time, and social channel)
  • The topic you will cover
  • Encourage them to tune in and bring their questions!
  • Invite them to share the broadcast plan with their friends!

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Headlines and Titles

Depending on the social media platform you are using, you may be given the opportunity to provide a headline or a title.  Don’t skip this step. Take the time to create a title that will attract your ideal customer. Be sure to include the following when creating a title:

  • The problem or pain point you will be solving
  • The result your audience will expect to experience after watching the broadcast
  • Use layman’s terms – avoid acronyms and industry jargon

Get To The Point!

When you go live, don’t dawdle.  Dawdling or waiting for an audience to form is the fastest way for people to lose interest in why you are there.  People are busy and don’t have time to wait. Even if you have ZERO viewers, start anyway. The people who watch you on the replay will appreciate you for leading with valuable content right away.  


Length Matters

Consider keeping your broadcast short – 5 to 7 minutes in length.  When people go live, they think they need to include absolutely everything during the broadcast.  To be frank, your audience doesn’t have time for that. Instead, pick one aspect, tip, or point and focus on that one thing for five to seven minutes then, be done!  By following this practice, you will:

  • Hold the attention of your audience
  • Expand the amount of content you have! Consider this – what might take you 30 minutes to explain can now be split up into a 3 part series.  That gives you 3 live broadcasts instead of just 1!
  • Appeal to the algorithms.  The more complete watch time you get from your audience, the more the algorithm will respond.  The algorithm recognizes “complete” watch times as valuable because you were able to keep the attention of the audience the entire time you were live.

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Ask for Engagement

Your audience will respond to your videos when you include them in your broadcast – even on the replay.  Here’s how:

  • Invite your audience to ask questions throughout the broadcast even if they are watching the broadcast during a replay.  Let them know that you always go back to review questions and answer them even after the live broadcast is over (if you say this, make sure you follow through and review questions that come in after you go live)
  • If you share links, website, social media handles, etc., ask someone in your audience to reference these links in the comment section while you are talking.  Say something like: “Could someone help me out and type this link in the comment section so people don’t miss it?” People love to be included and will definitely help you!
  • Take polls during your broadcast – make your audience part of the conversation.  Ask them a question or an opinion about your topic and ask them to comment with a single word that relates to what you are talking about to lock in their vote. Don’t forget about your replay audience, ask them to vote too!
  • After the broadcast, hope into the comment section and ask people questions like:  “What was your biggest take away?” or, “If I were to do a part 2 to this broadcast, what would you like to see?”
  • Encourage your audience to share the broadcast and invite people to watch if they are receiving value from what you are sharing

After The Live Broadcast

There are some things you can do after you go live to ensure you get more viewers:

  • Post content in your newsfeed and on your stories letting people know that you just went live.  
  • Let them know what the broadcast was about.
  • Invite them to watch the replay.
  • Visit the replay often to see if you receive any questions or comments that need to be addressed
  • Get organized and ready for your next live broadcast


Was this post helpful?  Let me know in the comment section what your BIGGEST takeaway was, what things you do to ensure your live is a success, and if you have any questions about live broadcasts.

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  1. These are great tips Lora! I want to do more live broadcasts so this has been very helpful, especially what to do after the broadcast! Thanks for sharing!

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