7 Things That Are Working in Social Media Right Now That Can Help You Create Meaningful Content and Convert Followers into Customers

Social media changes like the weather! Once you think you’ve got it all down, something changes and then you need to find a new strategy. In today’s post, I will share with you the seven things that are working in social media right now that can help you create meaningful content and convert followers into customers.

Let’s Dive In! 

Transparency and Authenticity

Gone are the days where people want to see a perfectly curated news feed. In order to gain trust, get more engagement, and build your following, audiences are demanding to see a more authentic you that provides transparency. Social media audiences want to see more of who you are and what it looks like in your day-to-day life. In short, your followers want to feel like they are a part of your daily life – that means getting to know you on a deeper, more real level. 

Using Ads and Lead Magnets to Build Your Email List

Attempting to convert sales by using social media ads is getting more and more difficult as the shift towards value increases. Savvy audiences are demanding more content that fills the demand of “what’s in it for me!” Instead of trying to use ads to drum up sales, build your email list instead!   Here’s how: 

  • Create an ad for your very best lead magnet.
  • Promote that lead magnet in advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Audiences will see the ad and sign up for your lead magnet resulting in email list growth.
  • Once you have built your email list, nurture the list members by engaging them in conversational content, delivering useful information poised to convert them into paying customers outside of social media. 

Value. Value. Value.

In order to stand out on social media, it is more important than ever to make sure you have the very best content possible. Focus on creating content that is geared to impacting your audience. Avoid posting content just for the sake of posting. Some of the best content you can produce are things like:

  • Mini-trainings
  • Checklists
  • How to‘s
  • Processes
  • Posts that educate
  • Posts that entertain
  • Post that reward the audience for following you on social media – think coupons, flash sales, freebies, gift with purchase, etc. 

Video & Stories

It is predicted that video will be even more important in 2020. Now is the time to truly embrace all facets of video including live broadcasts, pre-recorded broadcasts, and stories. 


The reasons why video will make a larger impact is because videos are easier to consume, they build a level of know, like, and trust that can’t be built through a regular newsfeed post.


Video & Stories Captions

Did you know that the majority of Instagram stories, videos, Instagram TV, live broadcasts and other forms of video are watched with the sound turned off? In order to make sure your videos perform the very best, it is important for you to turn on the captions feature whenever available. If they are not available, be sure to do text overlays that summarize your video so that Your audience doesn’t miss a single piece of information you create!


As social media involves so does the use of hashtags! Whenever possible, use all of the hashtags you are able to as directed by the social media platform you are using. For example, when posting on Instagram make sure you use all 30 hashtags allowed per post. This gives you 30 opportunities for new eyeballs to find you. Not only are hashtags a fantastic tool for your account to be found but they also work well to brand your business and help organize content. For more information about hashtags and how to use the most effectively, please visit my ultimate hashtag guide by CLICKING HERE


Private Groups, Community, Engagement, and Networking

Social media is truly a networking tool!  More and more accounts are focusing on creating COMMUNITIES instead of focusing on likes and account growth.  It seems like this could be a counter-intuitive mindset but hear me out…


The people who join account communities are those who raise their hand to say “I’m in!  I want to dive deeper into the subject matter at hand and build a relationship with the content creator.”  In other words, these members are your tribe! The people who are most likely to buy from YOU.

Final Thoughts…

Think about your social media account as the introduction piece needed to start a quality relationship with your audience.  It’s not the place to sell but the place to get to know each other and build trust. Save the selling for your sales funnel and discovery calls.

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