7 Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

I get it.  You wear LOTS of different hats!  It comes with the territory. One of those hats can be social media marketing.  It’s probably not the first hat you want to wear either. In fact, it may even be a hat that you want to avoid wearing altogether.  In today’s post, I am going to help you make wearing the social media hat just a little easier! Get ready for my 7 social media tips for small business owners.


Let’s dive in!

Break It Down

Don’t feel obligated to market everything your business does on social media.  That’s the fastest route to becoming overwhelmed. Instead, focus your marketing efforts.  Decide to focus on 2-3 main areas of your business and dive deep into those areas. Once you get your messaging down to a system in those areas, then you can think about expanding to others.


Make a Commitment and Stick to it

Once you decide to be active on social media, make a commitment.  The more committed you are and the more you show up, the more your audience will grow.  You will serve no one, especially yourself, by being inconsistent. In fact, inconsistency is what causes social media to be a huge waste of time.  Social media can be frustrating when it feels like you are talking to crickets. If that’s the case, take a good look at your content and make sure it’s high quality – content of extreme value.  If it’s sales-y, you won’t go far.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Network and Start Conversations

You have probably heard this one before.  AND…you probably need to hear it again. Think of social media as one big networking group that has millions of people available for you to meet.  If you were at a networking meeting or event, how would you get the conversation started? Apply that to the online world. Start conversations with like-minded people in the comment sections of posts and see how the relationship grows.



Take the time to think about what you want to achieve through social media.  Then craft a campaign around the goals.

Focus On Authority

Work on positioning yourself as an authority in specific areas, becoming the “go-to” person for your specialty.  Content creation becomes easier when you focus in on your genius zone.


Pick One and Dominate

Choose one social media platform that you truly enjoy and then dominate that platform.  You will be doing a disservice to you and your business if you try to dominate them all.  It will be impossible for you to make an impact.

300x250 Got an Idea?

Use All The Things

Once you have selected the platform you will dominate, do so by using all the features within that platform regularly and consistently.  The algorithm will reward you for it!


Final Thoughts

Some of the best results I have had on social media has been due to my mindset.  When I approach posts with my audience in mind and how I can really help them succeed, that’s when I see my biggest wins!  As Zig Ziglar said, “Stop selling, start helping.” Your business changes when you make that shift.







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