Lora Shipman's 7 BIGGEST Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

7 BIGGEST Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make (team checklist available)

Social media can be a blessing and a curse, am I right?  When everything is going well on your social media accounts, social media can be a FUN place to be.  But, when it seems like you just can’t move that needle, social media can be a horrible place to hang out.  When the needle won’t move, it may be the result of how your social media accounts are being tackled. This week, I will share with you 7 BIGGEST social media mistakes businesses make when it comes to social media.  


Ready to dive in?




We are getting ready to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in 2019.  Before we do so, take the time to build in a plan for your social media efforts.  So many times I will ask people if they have included social media into their overall business/marketing plan for the year and how much money they have budgeted for social media.  The response I often get is more of a blank stare rather than a response at all. So when people wonder why social media isn’t working for them, it is more than likely that they haven’t treated social media seriously.  Many often treat it as an afterthought. When you plan for it, it will get done which leads me to point #2…



Once you have fit social media into your overall business plan, set aside dedicated time to create, curate, interact and engage on the social media platforms.  Once you have dedicated time on the schedule for social media, stick to it.



How will you get your messages across to your audience on social media?  Will it be a combination of organic and paid posts, will you participate in groups, will you be active in live broadcasts?  Take the time to plan out how you will deliver messages to your audience and attract new followers



Now that you have your audience’s attention, what do you want them to do?  People need to know what to do next when they interact with you. Take the time to set up things like opt-ins, freebies, and offers to continue the conversation.  Something as simple as asking for a like or comment works tremendously well too!



We hear “create value” all the time.  But, what does that actually mean? When I create value for my audience, I constantly ask myself “what would be useful for my audience?” I try to create posts, podcasts, blogs, and printables that can really solve problems or answer questions my audience frequently has.  Value can come in LOTS of forms. Think about how you can teach something, answer a question or offer tips about a product or service you offer.



This is a mistake I see all the time.  It doesn’t matter which social media platform you are, it is imperative for you to take the time to complete your profile and set it up as a business account.  Business accounts will give you access to analytics and the opportunity to participate in sponsored ads/posts. One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make when it comes to their profile is keeping it private.  If your audience can’t find you because you have hidden or decided to keep your profile private, how do you ever expect to be able to do business with them?



I feel like I talk about this one A LOT.  It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make.  They don’t follow a social media schedule. Without a consistent social media posting schedule in place, your brand looks sloppy, disorganized, and it loses it value.  Take the time to plan (see point #1) and schedule out your posts. When a business or brand is consistent in their posts, it makes it easier for people to trust them. If you show up on a regular and consistent basis, chances are, you are consistent with your business – people will know what to expect when they do business with you.  


Final Thoughts…

Take the time to get your social media plan in order, especially before 2019 hits.  Need help getting your staff on board? Use this checklist to help you and your team stay on track when planning your social media efforts for the rest of this year and during 2019. CLICK HERE

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