6 Ways To Get More Engagement On Facebook

Lora Shipman 6 ways to get more engagement on FacebookHas it happened to you?  It’s happened to me! My Facebook engagement and reach has fallen like a rock after the latest algorithm change.  Try not to stress about it though. There are some things you can do to help you gain more reach and engagement on Facebook.  In this blog post, I will reveal 6 things that are working for me right now and they can help you too!

Let’s dive in!

  1. Content:  It’s more important than ever.  Especially content that matters to your audience.  My favorite rule of thumb when it comes to content is to provide content that entertains, educates and rewards.  Most people are really good at entertaining their audiences or teaching them something new but, many forget to reward their audience.  Give your audience a reason to visit your Facebook page and visit often. Provide special discount codes, offers, deals, downloads, and specials to your Facebook Family!  Encourage them to “share” your content to those they know who would benefit from the content and rewards you are providing. The mere act of your audience sharing your content will help you win the Facebook algorithm.
  2.  Feature:  Feature your fans and customers by highlighting them in your business page’s Facebook newsfeed.  Everyone likes to be recognized! Ask your customers and clients if they would provide a testimonial, positive experience, or commentary about your business.  Once they provide it, tag them in your post and give them a huge shout-out!
  3.  Be You:  You are the brand.  People do business with you because of you – not because of your company name, logo, tagline, or brand colors.  Capitalize on that! Let them see MORE of you in your social media feeds. Connect and interact with them on a regular basis.  Not sure where to start? Try something easy like an FAQ Friday – post an FAQ each Friday and answer it on your Facebook page. This will help to get the conversation started.
  4.  Try a Facebook Pod:  Have you heard of this technique before?  It is a great way to have non-competing businesses help to promote your brand.  Here’s how it works:
  • Create a pod of 5 businesses including your own
  • Assign each member of the pod a day of the week
  • On their designated day, they will message the rest of the pod letting the pod know that they have just posted content on their Facebook page
  • Members of the pod will go to the pod member’s business page and complete the following:
    • Like the post
    • Comment on the post
    • Share the post to their personal profile

The objective of the pod technique is to give each pod member a huge amount of exposure

  1.  Use ALL the Features:  The Facebook newsfeeds are FULL!  The amount of content that is being created by people is too much for the feeds to handle.  This is one of the reasons for the new algorithm changes. One of the best ways for your content to be seen is to stand out.  Stand out by using all of the features available to you on Facebook such as Stories, Groups, Facebook Messenger, and Video. Facebook is always advancing and adding new options to your social experience.  Be vigilant in looking for and using the newest features.
  2.  Video:  Video is a Facebook favorite, especially live video.  Use this to your advantage. When you utilize Facebook live video, Facebook actively broadcasts your live video content to new people, expanding your reach.  This is the best way to increase your brand awareness and tap into audiences you haven’t even met yet! Who doesn’t want that for their business?

In order to get different results, you must try different approaches.  And remember, what works today, will surely change. Your best strategy in a climate like social media is to be flexible, be willing to change and pivot when needed.

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