6 Things That Happened In My Business When I Began Podcasting

Have you thought about starting a podcast but you aren’t really sure if it is worth the effort?  Discover the 6 things that happened in my business when I began podcasting over a year ago.  It might just help you jump off the fence!

Let’s Dive In!



This is probably the first reason why people want to start a podcast.  Exposure so they can grow their business.  A podcast that hosts interviews is an amazing way to grow your reach as both you and your guest will work hard to promote the episode, getting it in the “ears” of as many people as possible.



Authority In Your Niche

Like they say, “the riches are in the niches!”  If that’s the case then, we need to do everything we can to claim our authority in our niche.  Podcasting is a GREAT way to do this!  It gives you the unique ability to broadcast your message that expresses your authority to a hyper-focused audience.


If you have an audience, you have influence!  Having a podcast is a great way to gain traction as an influencer.  If you provide value, remain consistent, and create content full of value, you will reap the rewards.  You become a trusted advisor and mentor.  This type of trust and your role as an influencer isn’t something that is easily achieved.  It is earned through the consistent value you deliver with each episode.  Once this trust is earned, your audience will follow your lead and take your suggestions.  


Since starting my podcast, I have been able to use it to grow my network.  As a result of growing my network, I have met some amazing mentors, grown my business, and I was able to start a very niche mastermind which has only increased my digital marketing skills.



Through my podcast, I have met people who I have been able to collaborate with on certain projects which has in turn grown my reach and my business.

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As a result of my podcast, I have been able to increase traffic to wherever I point the listener as long as there is extreme value waiting for them once they leave the podcast to get whatever I promised them.


Final Thoughts

A podcast is more than an audio recording.  It is a relationship with your audience that goes deeper than a social media post, a blog entry, or a video.  It’s more intimate than those types of media. As a podcast host, you have the unique opportunity to be a voice in your listener’s head, providing an experience that feels like the podcast host is speaking directly to the listener.  Or, it can give the experience of being a part of an interview conversation that is taking place which is extremely powerful.

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What’s even more exciting is that your audience dedicates their complete attention to you.  When someone is listening to a podcast, they set aside focused time to listen to your voice, your message, and how you and your guests can be a solution for them.  


Fun Fact:  Did you know, podcast episodes tend to have a better finish rate than a video, social media post or blog entry? Since it is not as easy to bounce out of a podcast like it is on other platforms, a podcast listener is more apt to listen to the entire broadcast instead of bouncing to another episode or a different podcast show.    


When done correctly, podcasting a platform for you, your business and your brand to thrive on.  Do you have questions about podcasting? Ask away in the comment section! Are you interested in listening to my show?  Tune in by clicking HERE.


2 thoughts on “6 Things That Happened In My Business When I Began Podcasting”

  1. I love your show Lora and I am looking forward to launching my own podcast for the reasons you listed and then some! It’s a great way to share your expertise in a space that you have full control over!

    1. Thank you for listening to and supporting the show! If you have any questions about podcasting, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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