6 Social Media Truths No One EVER Talks About

So many times we see people who appear to be overnight successes when it comes to social media. Or we see people who proclaim they are hitting epic goals they have set for their business all because of social media. Today, I want to share with you 6 social media truths that no one ever talks about to shed some light on what it takes to have a successful social media presence.

SOCIAL MEDIA TRUTH #1: Social media is not “Turn It On And They Will Come”

Once you decide to take the plunge into social networking, don’t fall into the trap of believing that you will automatically have followers and make instant sales. Social media is a journey, not a destination. During this journey, you will have peaks and valleys. Be prepared for that.

SOCIAL MEDIA TRUTH #2: It’s a lot of work

Yep! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and put the time in. When it comes to social media, you will be busy:

  • Creating a strategy and plan
  • Designing graphics
  • Creating content
  • Responding to and answering your followers questions/comments
  • Reviewing analytics
  • Learning new features and making changes as the social platform grows
  • Tweaking your strategy and trying new things

SOCIAL MEDIA TRUTH #3: Social media is not a silver bullet

If you are looking for social media to solve your marketing and sales issues, you will be highly disappointed. To be frank, social media should be a part of a larger, overall marketing plan. Social media shouldn’t be your only plan when it comes to marketing your business.

SOCIAL MEDIA TRUTH #4: You don’t need a huge following

It doesn’t help to have a HUGE following of people if they aren’t interested in your product or service. What you really need is a following of people who are a part of your target audience – those who could truly benefit from the solution you provide.

SOCIAL MEDIA TRUTH #5: Social media is not free

While it’s true that social media is an affordable and effective way to reach a large number of people, it isn’t free. You will most likely need the help of a social media manager, an advertising budget, and access to stock photography to be effective on social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA TRUTH #6: Think your kids, grandkids, nieces & and nephews can do it for you? Think again.

While the younger generation may know how to navigate the various social media platforms, what they don’t know is how to manage and maneuver business strategy. Many times when social media is handed over to a high school student, the project tends not to be a priority and inconsistent posting is the result. This is one of the fastest ways to lose your audience.

Final Thoughts:

If you are entertaining the start of a social media campaign, think it through. Understand the time and commitment you will be investing into the project/campaign. Carefully consider whether or not you have the manpower available to make your efforts a success. Remember, your activity, consistency, and what you post on social media brands your business. Make sure you are ready to send the right message!

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