6 Signs It’s Time to Batch Your Social Media Content

Batching social media content.  I know you’ve thought about it.  It’s an intriguing thought.  In theory, it could work but there is something that’s holding you back from giving it a whirl.  It might be time to give it a try my friend!  Keep reading because I am sharing 6 signs it’s time to batch your social media content.


Let’s Dive In!

SIGN:  You seem to be posting on the fly and at the last minute “just to get a post up there.”

Why You Should Batch:  The struggle is real and I have been there myself. Content and results are always better when you take the time to post something of value.


SIGN:  You never know what to post.

Why You Should Batch:  Batching forces you to come up with a social media plan for your accounts.  Social media content plans can include things like pillar content categories, monthly topic themes, and a running list of content ideas.

SIGN:  You never seem to have the right images.

Why You Should Batch:  Creating content in batches helps you create a system that requires you to have all the ingredients for a well thought out post and that includes images.  Images can include those you take yourself and those you find on stock image sites like Unsplash.com, Pixabay.com and Canva.com


SIGN:  It’s too hard to think up really good captions that engage an audience.

Why You Should Batch:  Social media is becoming increasingly popular and competitive which could cause your posts to get lost in the shuffle.  Getting ahead of your content and creating it in batches helps you to get creative and craft captions that get noticed because of the value they drop.

SIGN:  Your social media accounts don’t seem to experience any growth.

Why You Should Batch:  The main reason social media accounts experience low or slow growth is because of content issues.  If audiences find little or no value in social media content or find it hard to engage with the content they will disappear.  When you batch content, it forces you to think about and plan exceptional content – content your audience will consume, comment on, and share.  An engaged audience is an audience that will help you grow, gain exposure, and meet new people.


SIGN:  You never have time for anything – let alone social media.

Why You Should Batch:  Batching and scheduling your social media saves is incredibly time efficient.  Once you get the batching process down, you will appreciate the amount of time that is opened up in your schedule for you to work on your business, do some self care or just take a breather.

Here are my recommendations for getting your feet wet with batching social media content:

  • Start with batching one week of content by following the steps below
  • Once you have mastered batching one week at a time, increase to two weeks, then three, eventually working your way up to a month at a time
  • My favorite way to tackle this is to write content first and create graphics second.  
  • Identify how many days per week you would like to post.  I recommend a minimum of 3 times per week
  • Select a topic(s) or theme for the week
  • Write out all the captions first
  • Then get into graphics mode and create eye-catching graphics to go along with your written captions


This method is based on science!  Scientifically our brains work more efficiently and faster when they work on like tasks in blocks of time versus bouncing between various tasks that require different types of brain functioning.


So, are you in?  Will you try batching to help you get more organized, create better content and save time?  Let me know in the comments!

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