6 Features You Will LOVE About The New Canva 2.0

Love is in the air!  At the time of this post, we are just DAYS away from Valentine’s Day.  This post is going to give you even more reasons to love Canva! Have you converted over to the newest version of Canva yet?  I have! I am totally loving the new Canva 2.0. You will too after I share with you 6 features you will LOVE about the new Canva 2.0



I love a good shortcut!  Three that you won’t want to miss are using these letters:

  • ‘R’ to insert a rectangle
  • ‘L’ to insert a line
  • ‘T’ to insert a text box.

It makes the designing process so much quicker with these shortcuts at your fingertips!


It is possible to hand-drag elements to justify them and position them just right but it’s also a lot quicker and more accurate to use a command.  Click on the “position” drop-down menu to access the top, middle, bottom, left, right, center alignment functions.









Publishing Options

Ready to make posting to social media even easier?  Canva allows you to publish designs right from your active document.  To the right the “Download” button there is a small down arrow button.  Tap on that to reveal a drop-down list of social media platforms you can post your design to.








Ready to create your own GIFS?  Canva just made that possible! To the right the “Download” button there is a small down arrow button.  Tap on that to reveal a drop-down list of options for your post. Scroll the menu until you see the option for “Animation.”  From there, you will be given several options of how you can animate your post.


100 Pages In A Design

You can now add up to 100 pages to any single design.  This is perfect for the person who loves to create presentations, eBooks, and workbooks using Canva.

Name Pages Individually Within a Canva Document

Now that you can add LOTS of pages to a single Canva document, you can name each page individually.  This is great for batching work in one file that requires separate names to keep your organized. This would work well for people who create weeks of social media content at a time and need to sort and organize their posts by day.


Select Individual Pages Within a Canva Document to Download

This comes in handy if you have a large Canva document but only need a few of the pages at a time downloaded to your hard drive.


What’s Next?

It’s always fun when your favorite app or program grows and improves!  If you’re like me, now that you know what’s new, I bet you can’t wait to put some of those tips and features into good use!  Looking to learn more about Canva? If you are in the Tampa Bay area, I have a live and in-person Canva workshop on Friday, February 22, 2019.  Get all the details by clicking HERE.

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