6 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts

Instagram carousel posts are becoming increasingly more popular.  And, I can understand why!  Carousel posts are a great way to easily deliver high-value content on a consistent basis and audiences LOVE them because they are easy to consume and interactive – they keep our fingers busy as we keep swiping left to consume the content.  By now you are probably wondering “what makes for good carousel post content?”  Keep reading because I’m sharing 6 creative ways to use Instagram Carousel Posts.


Let’s dive in!



Use Instagram Carousel posts to catalog your products and services.  Consider grouping them into several categories and release the collections over time.  Organizing your products and services like this is a helpful way to introduce your target audience to your product offering without overwhelming them.  


Creating a “catalog” through Instagram Carousels is a fabulous way to showcase and highlight new product lines that you are bringing into your business. 


This post strategy also works really well during the holidays.  Think about how you can create gift guides and collections for your products and services.  Consider basing them on age, gender, interest, and so much more!


I absolutely LOVE Instagram Carousel Posts for mini-trainings.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that weekly I share at least one mini-training about social media or marketing.  If you aren’t following me, where have you been?!?  Navigate to: https://www.instagram.com/lora_shipman/ to get all my awesome tips and trainings!  


Here’s why I love Instagram Carousel Posts for mini-trainings:  Each slide in the carousel is dedicated to one learning point which is broken down into easy to consume and easy to digest steps.  By the end of the mini-training, my audience knows exactly what to do to execute what they’ve just learned.

Before, During, and After Transformations

Who doesn’t love a good transformation?!?  They work so well for showing a process, giving audience members hope for their own transformation, and it shows the possibilities available when someone chooses to use the highlighted product or service. 


When creating a transformation carousel post, use clear, high-quality pictures to help tell a story and highlight the outcome everyone can expect to receive when using the product or service.  


Almost every business can benefit from an Instagram Carousel Post.  Here are some examples:

  • Real Estate Agents:  Show the home buying or selling process
  • Estheticians:  Illustrate the progress someone is achieving each time they use your product or service
  • Nutritionists:  Display how to transform a favorite recipe or dish into a more healthful one
  • Personal Trainers:  Show the progression of results someone may experience when they focus on certain exercises or muscle groups
  • Business Coaches:  Show results before your service versus after your service, program or framework has been executed

Customer/Client Love & Testimonials

People love to know what others have to say about your product or service.  A great way to share this is through testimonials you have collected over time.  Share about 3-5 testimonials (one per slide) for your audience to review.


Product Pairings

Parings are not just for wines!  Businesses can use them too in an Instagram Carousel Post. They work really well for both product-based businesses and service-based businesses.  


Here’s how:   Suggest paring two or three products or services together to get a specific result.   For example:

  • An esthetician may suggest two or three products to combat aging skin
  • A nutritionist may recommend pairing two supplements together for better absorption
  • A personal trainer may advise pairing 3 types of ab exercises to perfect the six-pack
  • A real estate agent may offer 3 services that help to sell a home faster
  • A business coach may combine certain frameworks, courses, coaching sessions to get the desired result

Find The Difference

Sometimes, we just want to get on Instagram, have some fun, and escape the daily grind for a bit.  Using Instagram Carousel Posts to find the difference in pictures is a lot of fun!  Especially when they are challenging.  


Here’s how you might do it.  Take a picture of something that has a lot of detail.  It could be a picture of a busy park, a decorated Christmas tree, a room, etc.  Then alter the picture a little bit by adding in items, taking items away, turning items upside down, etc. Ask your audience to count or name all the differences between the two pictures.  Bonus points if you make a contest out of this Instagram Carousel Post idea!


Bonus:  Story Telling

Instagram Carousel Posts are a great way to tell a story to your audience.  Through carousel posts, you can share things like your why, what your customer journey looks like, how you overcame a challenge, or how you built your business.


Top Benefits of Instagram Carousel Posts:

There are a lot of ways to use Instagram Carousel Posts but why should you put in the effort to creating them?  Here is a list of the top reasons why Instagram carousel posts are important to your overall Instagram plan – They:

  • Are easy for your audience to share which increases your exposure and reach
  • Keep the attention of your audience for longer (I’ve heard this may even help with the Instagram algorithm – the more people who linger on your post, the more Instagram believes it is important and will share it to an even bigger audience.)
  • Are interactive and make your content more interesting and easy to engage with


Those were just a few of some endless ideas of how you can use Instagram carousel posts.  Do you have a creative idea I didn’t mention?  Drop them in the comments.

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