5 Tips For Increasing Organic Reach on Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

Pay to Play.  We hear that A LOT in the social media world.  People believe the only way they can guarantee their content will be seen on their favorite platform is if they dump a bunch of money in to paid advertisements.  While paid ads may work, there are some things you can do to encourage more organic reach. Below I highlight 5 tips for increasing organic reach on your favorite social media platforms.


Platform Focus

Many believe a brand or business must be on all of the social media platforms out there.  I disagree! In my opinion, businesses should show up where their target market shows up. Why waste time, energy, and efforts on a platform that doesn’t serve your target audience?  What are you going to gain from that? In fact, you will gain nothing. Since your ideal customer isn’t on the platform and no one is interacting with your content, your reach will shrink.  Instead, take the time to get to know your ideal customer, where they hang out and the type of content they like to see and consume.

Keywords Used In Page Names

Think about how you can incorporate keywords in your page names or profiles.  Depending on the platform, the page name is highly searchable. For example, my Instagram name includes the words “Social Media Coach.”  If someone is looking for a social media coach, my name will organically pop up. Be very choosy as to which keyword you decide to align with your page name and avoid using a string of keywords that end up looking like a list.  Instead, select the best keyword that will attract exactly who you want to serve.


Posting the Right Content

Do you know the type of content your followers want to see?  Your analytics can shed some light on what your fans want to see.  Take the time to study your analytics to determine which types of posts got the most likes, which received the most comments, shares, and saves.  Once you determine those things, vow to create similar content. Why is this so important? When you post the right type of content, your fans and followers engage with your posts.  The more engagement your post receive the more the algorithm lights up. When an algorithm receives information that a certain post or account is getting a lot of engagement, it believes the content is highly valuable.  The more valuable the content the more people the algorithm will show it to. Not sure what that looks like for you? Ask your audience! They will tell you the information they are craving.

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Posting at the Right Time

Be strategic about when you decide to post!  If you post when your audience is most likely to be online, your content is more likely to be seen and interacted with which results in organic reach.  Not sure when your audience is most likely online? Your analytics will tell you! Take the time to do some research and learn more about your target audience.


Promote!  Promote! Promote!

Don’t leave it up to the algorithms to get your content in front of your audience.  Use these creative ideas to help get the word out about the value your social media accounts bring:

  • Share your social profiles in your email signature line.
  • Tell people about your social platforms in an outgoing voicemail message.
  • Do you network?  Use your elevator pitch as a way to drive people to your Facebook page.
  • When you write a blog, give people a reason to join your Facebook group, see your latest Instagram story, etc.
  • If you have a podcast or you are a guest on someone else’s show, direct the listeners to visit your accounts.  Most podcast hosts will happily put your social media links in their show notes.
  • Put your social media handles on your business cards, flyers, and brochures.
  • Cross promote posts – Do you have a really cool post up on Instagram that your Facebook audience will love?  Send them there!
  • Use Pinterest!  Pinterest is a HUGE traffic generator.  Talk about your posts on Pinterest, sending visitors to your other social media outlets.
  • Collab!  Work with other Facebook, Instagram, etc. users to see how you can cross-promote each other, driving traffic to each other’s accounts

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Final thoughts…

There are LOTS of ways to get people interested in your social media posts and accounts.  You don’t have to have a big budget to do so either. You just need to be creative and think differently about how to get your message in front of people.  


Is there a strategy you use that I didn’t mention here?  Let us know about it in the comment section.




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