5 Things You Need to Get the Most Traction Out Of Your Social Media Posts

As a content creator for social media, there is one thing we are always trying to accomplish…Winning the algorithm.  Am I right? When we win the algorithm, it puts us in front of more eyeballs. But, the “algorithm” is shrouded in mystery.  No one really knows what it measures, when it measures it, and how the results are calculated. All we really know is that the algorithm can be our nemesis in the world of social media.  In this week’s blog post, I am going to share with you 5 things you need to get the most traction out of your social media posts so you are not wasting your time.


Ready to win the algorithms?  Here’s what you need to know!

What value does this post serve?

Take a close look at the content you are serving up and ask yourself some pretty critical questions.  Take a good, hard look at the content you are about to put out on the internet and determine the value it offers.  Be honest with yourself. Is the content you are dropping valuable to your audience? Not sure? Make sure it accomplishes one of the following before you click on the “Post” button:

  • Does it help solve a problem your audience has?  These types of posts usually teaches someone something.  Problem-solving posts tend to be posts that serve as mini-trainings, the answer to a frequently asked question, or a how-to explanation.  Many times, these posts are SO valuable that they are “saveable.” How many times have you saved a post, took a screenshot, or saved a post to a collection to refer back to later?  I do this a lot when I find posts that teach me something. Think about how your business or service solves problems for your audience and customers and post about it on social media
  • Is it entertaining?  Do you have a knack for being entertaining or funny?  Think about how you can translate that into your social media campaigns.  Can you share a funny story, show behind the scenes bloopers, or are you one of those charismatic people who can draw an audience in via video?  If so, use this quality to your advantage. If it’s not in your nature, maybe one of your employees is the right person to take on the task of being entertaining for your business.  
  • Does it reward your audience?  Give your audience a reason to follow you on social media.  Make your followers feel special by offering them specials, deals, discounts, and coupons just for being loyal and engaged.
  • Is it inspirational?  People LOVE to be inspired.  Don’t be afraid to offer inspirational messages to your audience.

Is it relatable?

Can your audience relate to the content you are posting on social media?  One of the best ways to connect with your audience on social media is through relatable posts.  But how do you create relatable content? The key lies in knowing who your exact customer/audience member is.  Once you know who that person is, you can create content that relates to their struggles, interests, likes, habits, sense of humor, etc.  If you can tap into that, the conversation naturally starts. For example, if my audience is made up of coffee lovers who can’t get their day started until they have a cup, I may post something like:

“My morning coffee contains all of my people skills…who can relate?”


Is there a clear call to action?

Make sure your audience knows what to do after they read your post and content.  Should they click a link, comment about something, give their opinion, answer a poll, etc.?  Sometimes we tend to leave our audience in post-limbo which causes them to scroll on by, not engaging with your post.


Is the post shareable?

Take a good look at your content.  Does it pass the share test? What I mean by that is, is your content good enough for someone to pass it on, to share it with someone who may need the info, a good laugh, inspiration, etc.  Take a look at your content and ask yourself who specifically you would share it with and why. You may even want to share it with the person you have in mind and see how they react to it.


Does the post compel your audience to react?

With every post you create, you want to score what I call the “hat trick” of social media.  Your goal is to get a like, a comment, and a share out of every piece of content you post. If you score yourself on these three things, aiming for a 3/3 each time, you will be on the road to social media success!


Final Thoughts…

When you take a proactive approach to social media to create content that starts a conversation with your audience, you take your efforts to an entirely different level which will render the results you crave.  Too many times I see people post for posting sake instead of starting a conversation. It’s the conversation and the connections you make on social media that really makes a difference.


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